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Well...at least we're not Philadelphia. Giroux Arrested.

02 July 2014 - 10:48 AM

Words can't describe how much I needed this today.  Shout out to the universe for hooking a guy up in a time of need. 




"Although few details were immediately available, a source said Giroux was arrested for repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer. Alcohol is believed to have been involved.

The incident occurred at a bar in the Byward Market the source said.

Ottawa Police have refused any comment on the incident. Police said they cannot comment unless charges are laid, but several sources did confirm to the Sun Giroux spent the night in jail."

NHL Playoff Eulogies

14 May 2014 - 12:15 PM

I don't know if any of you follow the eulogies that Puck Daddy posts for each team that's eliminated from the playoffs.  They're written by hockey bloggers from other teams and are meant as a roast of the eliminated team.  Some are bad (San Jose), some are plain (Detroit), and some are amazing (Philadelphia).  Well worth the read for a good laugh...just don't take things too seriously. 


I'm posting the Philadelphia eulogy, because it's one of the funniest (and harshest) things I've ever seen posted on the internet.  Enjoy!



3 Words To Describe This Organization...

09 May 2014 - 02:18 PM

Pure f****** Class. 


Per Malik:  "On Wednesday May 7th, 2014, Kelly Rothe, made it know about her surgery she was about to undertake, the following day the Detroit Red Wings organization brought Kelly and her family down to The Joe for a special private dinner. There she was surprised by local Detroit band, Kaleido, who gave her a private acoustic set. Then they took her to the Red Wings locker room where her favorite player was there waiting to surprise her."


My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, and my aunt passed away from breast cancer.  It's absolutely mind-blowing how difficult the decision to have this procedure must be.  Especially for a guy, like me. 


So to see her choke up and say "you don't even know" when they ask what the Wings' gesture means to her...Jesus Christ. 


Blown Leads

24 March 2014 - 10:37 AM

I'm glad we're in a playoff position and lord knows I'd like to kick back and feel good about the fact that our team is playing decently well, but sadly I can't.  Yesterday we left another point on the table after leading 2 to nothing in the first.  In a race this tight we can't afford to give points away, but we blow leads every game. 


It's Babs' stated goal to get early leads and then lock down defensively.  As such, this shouldn't be happening.  So, the topic for discussion is...why?  Let's talk about problems, and let's talk about solutions.  And for the love of god can this thread not devolve into a "Player X sucks" discussion, because surely we can all agree that if an entire team strategy is failing there are more issues than one or two players.  

Naming the New Arena

01 March 2014 - 08:09 PM

A tiny bit of good news amidst all the trade day speculation.  Just came across this gem online....


"The Ilitches' development company gets naming rights in the complex deal to build the arena, but it could be months before a decision is made on what to call the building.  'We have not finalized that," [Christopher] Illitch told WJR's Paul W. Smith. "We refer to it just as we've been referring to it externally, which is the Detroit event center. That's our working name for now. Of course we'll be working through all those details within the coming months.'"


While it's no guarantee that this means the new arena won't get a corporate name, it's a really good start.