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#2235109 Crosby has "concussion symptoms"

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 12 December 2011 - 05:59 PM

I could careless, yes he is a good player, but as a whole I don't buy the he is good for the game thing. Every player in the NHL is good for the game. On the end I'll take losing one of our many stars to not have him as a player being shoved down my throat... Yes it is sad to see but thats what I call Matt Cooke Karma. There weren't a milliOn press conferences for Savard. Yet for done reason he gets treated like a long. When he is blowing every NHL'er out of the water with points. Then I'll consider him the hands down best player. Until then he is just a star player like the Sedins, datsyuk, Malkin, Giroux, Ovie, and a bunch more.

#2235105 Crosby has "concussion symptoms"

Posted by Louisville on 12 December 2011 - 05:51 PM

Karma is a *****.

#2235967 Can Conner reasonably be sent down?

Posted by BlakKy on 14 December 2011 - 09:06 PM

When will people stop calling Miller dead weight?

That formula would prove that Miller is great for his money.

An easier calculation is this: How many points does Miller have? How many does Eaves have?

#2234031 Kronwall and Stuart may be hitting a lot less now

Posted by uk_redwing on 07 December 2011 - 10:52 PM

I'm enjoying watching jollymania making an arse of himself.

Still carrying my name around in his sig like a prize joker. Doesn't know two things about hockey.

#2233984 Kronwall and Stuart may be hitting a lot less now

Posted by Drake_Marcus on 07 December 2011 - 06:17 PM

I still haven't seen the much prophesied death of hard-hitting hockey.

In other news it's great that the NHL is suddenly addressing the long and short-term health effects of concussions. Hopefully they'll successfully push the number of concussions down significantly. It's worth noting that increased reports of concussions isn't the same thing as increased incidence of concussions. 15 years ago many concussions weren't correctly dealt with or even reported.

#2233985 12/6 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Blues 3

Posted by Jack T Adams on 07 December 2011 - 06:19 PM

I don't see any evidence that Stuart forced Perron into Howard. A nudge doesn't result in what Perron did. It was far worse than Abdelkader accidentally hitting Elliott in the head with an errant elbow and Elliott flopping like he got shot. I also noted Oshie was diving all night as well. The Blues looked a lot like the last two playoff series against the Sharks. The refs seemed to catch everything except the Blues diving and the interference in their own zone.

Nice "Red Wings suck" chant though while your rafters are empty. :thumbup:

Rafters were not empty. Last non-sellout in St. Louis was in 2009. 54 consecutive sellouts despite missing playoffs last season.

The video speaks for itself. Perron is clearly pushed into his direction at the side of the crease. Often times an opposing player makes contact as a result of a push toward the goalie by goalie's teammate. It is a quick game and if the ref realizes it a penalty is not called.


According the Blues, Detroit goaltender Jimmy Howard got away with throwing a few punches at David Perron Tuesday night.

With 2:43 left in the third period of the Blues' 3-2 win over the Red Wings, a game that was 3-1 at the time, Perron was pushed into Howard by Detroit defenseman Brad Stuart. Howard angrily jumped to his feet and went after Perron, eventually landing on top of him and tossing some jabs.

"I'm not taking that," Howard said after the game. "I don't care who it is. If you're going to run me like that or try to go through me like that, you're going to pay the price."

Perron was penalized for goaltender interference despite being pushed by Stuart. Afterwards, Stuart said that he didn't believe Perron did anything wrong.

"He couldn't stop himself from going into him," Stuart said. "It wasn't a real harmful collision, I didn't feel. He certainly didn't try to get out of the way, which you don't like to see. But I didn't feel like he ran in with a whole lot of force."

After today's practice, Perron desribed the play from his perspective.

"It's a quick play, bang-bang, and I tipped it on goal," Perron said. "(Howard) slides across. I think at least half of his body was outside the crease. I'm trying to avoid him but (Stuart) pushed me into him. I understand the goalies want to have that security in the net, not to get hit, but when you get pushed in, it's tough to avoid contact."

Perron was playing only his second game back after 10 1/2 months off with a concussion, and like fans who winced when Howard was throwing punches, so was No. 57.

"I was just trying to protect myself because obviously I didn't want to get one in the head or something," Perron said.

That drew more players over, but there were no fights. When the dust settled, Perron skated to the penalty box with the lone penalty. He couldn't believe that Howard was penalized.

"To be honest, I'm surprised he didn't get an extra penalty for that," Perron said. "Because their d-man pushed me in, and then he jumps on me. At the end of the game, it should at least be even. It's tough because they scored a big goal. If it's only 2-1 for us, and they tie it up, then we have to fight back from a call like that. But in the end, we move on."

At the other end of the ice, Blues goalie Brian Elliott said he watched the situation in amazement. Earlier in the period, Elliott was knocked in the head by Detroit's Justin Abdelkader, who received a charging penalty.

"Howard jumps on and doesn't get a penalty for it?" Elliott said. "I asked the ref on the ice if I could do the same thing if I got hit again. I don't know ... that's why I think you need to keep fighting in the game because you almost need to police yourself out there."

I'll have more on the hot topic of goaltender interference in tomorrow's newspaper.

Read more: http://www.stltoday....l#ixzz1ftQtNu2R

#2233907 12/6 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Blues 3

Posted by cprice12 on 07 December 2011 - 12:48 PM

Stuart said as much in the press that it didn't look that bad.

I honestly I don't care if it was his fault or not. I'm happy with Jimmy going after guys that run into him. They should have to pay a price one way or another and in the heat of the moment it's hard for him to know how they toppled on top of him. Half the time when guys get bumped by defensemen they make sure to fall on the goalie.

And remember you're on a Wings site here. I think you make a valid case but the odds of people conceding the point here are slim, especially when you're being a bit of a smartass about it.

As for as Pronger's hit on Yzerman, of course he was going after him, but that's his job. I have no problem with that. I don't think Pronger was headhunting, but lowbridge my ass. Stevie saw Pronger coming at him arms and stick high, turned away from the play, but he was hardly even bent at the knees. And he stayed on his skates. That's not a lowbridge. What's Yzerman supposed to do, stand up straight and let Pronger crush him?

He went to hit Yzerman high and Stevie avoided the hit. Pronger physics worked against him on that one.


My smartassness came as a response to someone being a smartass to me. So I was just playing along.

And you're wrong. Yzerman was bend over pretty much at 90 degrees when Pronger hit him. All you have to do is stop the video when they collide...which I did. I don't blame Yzerman for ducking the hit at all...but don't say he didn't low bridge Pronger...because Yzerman bent over at 90 degrees and making contact with Pronger's knee when Pronger went to hit him is indeed low-bridging. He didn't meant to hurt Pronger, I'm sure...it wasn't dirty...but it is what it is. He went low on Pronger. Period.

#2233869 Realignment decided - 4 Conferences

Posted by cprice12 on 07 December 2011 - 10:45 AM

Overall, I like it a lot.

The stars are back in a division with the Blues, Wings and Hawks...just like the Norris days.
I'm happy Detroit didn't go to the East (sorry)...I like the games between the Blues and Wings.
It's fun to hate you guys. ;) And we owe you big time...you can't run to the east before we get some revenge for over a decade of dominance.

For those who don't like the playoffs the way they will be next year, you're nuts. It's far better than seeding 1-8 in the conference.
The playoff format is the way it should be now. 1st vs. 4th, 2nd vs. 3rd in each division and then the winners play each other in round 2.
That's the way it used to be, and it was much better. Rivalries are heightened and more intense when you face similar teams in the playoffs more often, and you are guaranteed to face a division team in the first two rounds. Awesome. :clap:

I don't care about Winnipeg being in the division...but oh well.
And the Wild always bored me...but we'll see how it goes.
It would have been nice to have 7 teams in the division and not 8.
Other than that, I love it. :thumbup:
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#2233864 12/6 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Blues 3

Posted by cprice12 on 07 December 2011 - 10:33 AM

Horribly, horribly reffed game...again. Bad calls and bad non-calls on both teams.

Not sure how Perron got a Penalty for making contact with Howard when he was blatantly checked into him. Perron wasn't even on line to make contact until he was checked off course and into Howard...and I'm not sure why Howard got nothing for attacking Perron. That was a joke. That's kind of the talk of St. Louis sports radio and message boards right now.

Howards's comments after the game make him sound like an idiot...sorry. He needs to look at the replay. Besides, like Perron is going to "take a run" at Howard after being out over a full calendar year with a concussion? Uh, no...and then for Howard to jump on top of him and start wailing away?? Please...that's bush league.

Honestly , I've never liked Howard. Sure, part of it is because he is a Wing and the Wings are hated rivals in St. Louis...but in some of the games I've seen him play he has just come off as an ass. Just my observation...and maybe it's just the games I've seen. Of course, I'm sure I'd love that in a goalie on my own team, but when it's the opposition, it pisses me off. Just one of those things I guess.

#2233015 Fistric destroys Niederreiter

Posted by jollymania on 05 December 2011 - 08:07 PM

Well, somebody got the attention they were looking for. Title is misleading by design. So what.

I'm not searching for attention. you really don't get it to you, deathcheck is a term used to describe a big hit, did it just fly over your head?

That isn't what I meant, I interpreted it to mean something horrible had happened to Fistric (off the ice) and the hockey world lost ANOTHER member and this thread was one to "check in" about it, to see if anyone had info...

It's just misleading is all...

Back to the topic at hand, if he gets suspended for this, it's setting a poor precedent, because up until now, I think Shanny has done a fantastic job of getting it right...

a check is a play in hockey that involves one player hitting another, but I understand how you read it, but still...

#2233009 Fistric destroys Niederreiter

Posted by jollymania on 05 December 2011 - 06:44 PM

There was no death.

ever heard of a thing called hyperbole/exaggeration? Or are you that uninformed.

Also with the way this year has been going with all of the player deaths, this is in incredibly bad taste.

HAHAHA call the PC Police.

I don't like the title either... I actually thought something had happened to Fistric from first glance...

Beauty of a hit and clean, keep those heads up!

This is a perfect example of hitting hard, while still staying clean, he clearly targeted the shoulder and kept the elbows in...

if someone would have died form a hit you would have heard about it instantly

#2231921 Crosby is like who?

Posted by Red Wings Addict on 02 December 2011 - 04:45 PM

As much I hate to admit it, the Yzerman comparison, at least when it comes to hockey abilities, is pretty valid.

#2231890 Crosby is like who?

Posted by egroen on 02 December 2011 - 02:50 PM

Honestly, Yzerman is a much closer comparison.
Speed, grit with great playmaking plus goal scoring.

#2231867 Crosby is like who?

Posted by up2here on 02 December 2011 - 01:21 PM

Sid's most obvious comparison to me is Peter Forsberg. I dont see Sid as a pure passer like Wayne was or a pure goal scorer like Mario. He just does everything well to go along with a butt-load determination.

#2231866 Bobby Ryan/Jarome Iginla watch

Posted by mjlegend on 02 December 2011 - 01:13 PM

Be upset all you want about someone mentioning Franzen, but he is just too inconsistent for my liking. Bobby Ryan and Jerome Iginla are waaaaaaay better than Franzen. You guys want to improve this team but you only want to offer scrubs that nobody wants. It takes talent to acquire talent. Hudler isn't gonna bring us anything, Miller isn't either. Holland tried trading Hudler all summer and nobody wanted him with all his "potential." He has worse value now. You have to trade someone unless you are perfectly fine with Franzen scoring 20 points in 10 games then disappearing for 20, then scoring 20 more in 15, then disappearing for the rest of the season and playoffs.

Er, Franzen doesn't exactly disappear in the playoffs.

I agree with you on a lot of this, but Bobby Ryan's inconsistency is what has brought up all the rumours to begin with. Even last year, he had a five-game pointless drought where Franzen's longest drought was four. Ryan this year has already had two four-game pointless slumps and a three gamer, while Franzen had a six-gamer, but nothing else over two.

Last year, Franzen had a six-game point streak and a five, while Ryan had two fives and a four. This year, Franzen has three four-game streaks already while Ryan has only had a three.