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#2234026 Kronwall and Stuart may be hitting a lot less now

Posted by LeftWinger on 07 December 2011 - 10:29 PM

Kronwall is on the decline. He used to hit way more than he does now. Sure he still has a doozy once in awhile, but that year he hit Havlat, he was a killer (yes obvious reference to the other thread :lol:) out there. It seems his body just cannot take it anymore or he is starting to believe the hype that he is Nick Jr. and feels he is better suited in that role. Especially now, after his contract has been signed. I just think he will never be the number one defenseman. I may have at one time, but given his play recently, I don't think so anymore. He is here because of the way he played, he needs to continue that, if he can, but like I said, he peaked already and is on his decline.

I don't know what the use in discussing this is; they haven't been hitting much lately anyway. In yesterday's game, it seemed like every Wing who tried to throw a hit ended up missing...

For the most part, they avoid the hit, so the rare time that they try, it doesn't work out too good.

#2233892 Jonathan Ericsson Watch Thread

Posted by LeftWinger on 07 December 2011 - 11:54 AM

He is very expendable right now...damn that NTC he has...

#2233334 Miller Ran again

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 December 2011 - 07:31 PM

Rinne wasn't playing. Lindback was.

That explains it! :lol: Ya, I tried to read the number on his sweater but that camera panned away too fast, wasn't sure whether it was Rinne or Lindback...the point remains the same, he should've been in the scrum instead of changing his pad.

#2233328 Miller Ran again

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 December 2011 - 07:15 PM

The glaring problem with this incident I saw (after viewing the video) is where the f&*k was Rinne while his team was out numbered 6 on 5? He F'ing sat his ***** ass in the net and watched the whole thing. Good for Miller getting involved and not flopping and faking an injury, but most these goalies now a days are so pampered and (as shown by Rinne) afraid to protect themselves (and teammates) maybe they need to be knocked around a bit to keep them from getting too pussified. What would Roy have done?

#2233323 Fistric destroys Niederreiter

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 December 2011 - 06:56 PM

Although I had no issue with the title, you have to remember, we live a world of not just PC, but God forbid you offend anyone at anytime. Even my innocent use of the name God just offended someone, somewhere. We live in a world today where these type of people just turned Cookie Monster into Vegetable Monster, they want Bert and Ernie to declare themselves ***, the call a manhole and personhole and they also convinced courts that McDonalds is the reason for most obesity, never-mind the fact that these obese people eat McDonalds 4-5 times a week and don't move out of their seat except to get another Bon-Bon. McDonalds doesn't make people obese, the people do that themselves. Now, my kids, who happen to be nowhere near obese, who happen to love McDonalds fries, have to get LESS fries in their Happy Meal because these people pressured McD's into putting a smaller fry box in the meal and automatically giving them apples. My kids don't like apples, why force them on us? Now, instead of getting what they want, they get less of what they like and the apples go in the trash. I wish these people would just keep their business to themselves and leave my life alone...if I want apples, I will ask for apples!

..sorry, anyhow, the fact that this hit is even going to a phone hearing is about as dumb as calling someone a chairperson rather than a chairman. The small tidbit that TSN wrote says he appears to leave his feet and hit him in the head? UH.....ok are the people making these rules the same people who said the reason Pronger's hit on Holmstrom in 2007 was not illegal, but because of simple physics? Well using simple physics, that is the reason he appeared to leave his feet, from the force of the hit, he did NOT leap up into him. The NHL got it wrong from the start and they need to admit it. If the play was so fast and "looked" like he hit him in the head, stop, review the replay and penalize from there if it's warranted. Every re-play I have seen, this hit isn't a penalty by any aspect of the word penalty.

I wouldn't say it was a deathhit, but he sure did kill him with it! :lol:

#2233293 Realignment decided - 4 Conferences

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 December 2011 - 04:26 PM

I'm with you. As I was reading how Bettman got this passed, I was thniking, if only Obama had those kind of skills. But I digress

...not that I am saying Obama is a good President, but are you saying that Bettman would be a great United States President? Just kidding, I know what ya meant! :lol:

I agree, outside of just moving a team to the old East, this is the best scenario. I like it, especially less travel to the west coast for us. Only playing as far west as Winnipeg more than once is great. I also like the chance of a SCF with two former Western conference teams. Would've been awesome to play the Avs back in the day in the SCF! I would say Bettman got this one as close to right as it's gonna get and only having 7 teams in two of the conferences lets him eye up future expansion.

Weird thing is going to have to get used to not calling a team an Eastern Conference or Western Conference team. But again, I do like it.

from nhl.com....

"In the seven-team Conferences, teams would play six times -- three home, three away -- for a total of 36 inter-division games. In the eight-team Conferences, teams would play either five or six times in a season on a rotating basis -- for a total of 38 inter-division games.The teams in the seven-team Conferences will have 46 out-of-conference games, including 23 at home and 23 on the road. The teams in the eight-team Conferences will have 44 out-of-conference games evenly split between home and away."

Sounds good to me...82 games. Just have to get rid of the 1 point for a loss in OT and all will be well!

#2233290 Realignment decided - 4 Conferences

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 December 2011 - 04:13 PM

This is what I understand: 4 Conferences, teams play ALL teams in other conference twice home and away. Which would be 44 games leaving (is it an 82 game or 80 game season?) 36 or 38 games to play in-conference. Not sure the amount of games, but since there are only 7 teams in two of the conferences that makes it a little uneven in the two that have 8. So not quite sure how the in-conference games are going to be played.

Playoffs, from what I understand will be the top 4 in each conference will make the playoff. The first two rounds will be within your division. The "Final Four" will be reseeded 1-4 by the records, possibly setting up a (former) east vs. west semi final's and a (former) west vs. west or east vs. east SCF. This will allow a Detroit vs. Pittsburgh semi and Detroit vs. San Jose SCF or a Penguins vs. Bruins SCF.

This is just what I heard and understand.

I wish they would've addressed the points system though, it used to be a mark of excellence to get over 100 points in a season, now we have 95 point teams missing the playoffs because of this current system. Some folks want a 3 point game, but that again will taint the 100 point mark, I say go back to the 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss (in OT as well.) This would be especially helpful in this new conference setup considering that you may have some teams not making the playoffs in a conference because the other team in another conference has less wins, but has more overtime loses than regular loses...

#2232372 Ferraro is the next Helm

Posted by LeftWinger on 03 December 2011 - 05:47 PM

Nah, he will never make it here. Detroit does not employ players who stand up for their teammates after a cheapshot.... :ninja:

#2231869 Bobby Ryan/Jarome Iginla watch

Posted by LeftWinger on 02 December 2011 - 01:38 PM

Er, Franzen doesn't exactly disappear in the playoffs.

I agree with you on a lot of this, but Bobby Ryan's inconsistency is what has brought up all the rumours to begin with. Even last year, he had a five-game pointless drought where Franzen's longest drought was four. Ryan this year has already had two four-game pointless slumps and a three gamer, while Franzen had a six-gamer, but nothing else over two.

Last year, Franzen had a six-game point streak and a five, while Ryan had two fives and a four. This year, Franzen has three four-game streaks already while Ryan has only had a three.

I agree to a point, but he isn't getting any younger and he is only as good as his last performance and that was 3 points in 8 playoff games. For being our only thing closest to a pure scorer that we have, that is unacceptable, but yes it was only one off year, so maybe (I hope) he goes back to a point a game in this years playoff. While I admit I do not know too much about Bobby Ryan on a consistent level, I do know it seems everytime the Wings play the Ducks he is always factoring in someway, same as Iginla against the Flames.

It doesn't really matter, but if people want these type of players here, they have to understand that Holland cannot get them by offering 20 of our scrubs. We are all going to have our favorite players that we would never want to see be traded and will always offer up a different player in a scenario. Me, I'd rather keep Filppula than Franzen or Hudler since I think he brings a more complete game to the table, but if even trading him would get us that legit #1 pure scorer, then I would't have an issue, especially if Franzen returns to form as a serious scoring threat every night.

#2231860 Bobby Ryan/Jarome Iginla watch

Posted by LeftWinger on 02 December 2011 - 12:52 PM

Be upset all you want about someone mentioning Franzen, but he is just too inconsistent for my liking. Bobby Ryan and Jerome Iginla are waaaaaaay better than Franzen. You guys want to improve this team but you only want to offer scrubs that nobody wants. It takes talent to acquire talent. Hudler isn't gonna bring us anything, Miller isn't either. Holland tried trading Hudler all summer and nobody wanted him with all his "potential." He has worse value now. You have to trade someone unless you are perfectly fine with Franzen scoring 20 points in 10 games then disappearing for 20, then scoring 20 more in 15, then disappearing for the rest of the season and playoffs.

#2231674 Bobby Ryan/Jarome Iginla watch

Posted by LeftWinger on 01 December 2011 - 01:24 PM

Franzen + Hudler for either one...

I would say Hudler, Kindl, pick(s) but this isn't a video game.

#2230831 Bylsma Defends Crosby's Elbow on Foligno

Posted by LeftWinger on 29 November 2011 - 12:37 PM

Doesn't matter, bottom line is Crysby gives the NHL even LESS respect than they get compared to the rest of the sports. The fact that they are trying to eliminate plays like this by suspension's and then to not suspend a player for doing it makes it obvious that he has special rules set for himself. The play itself, I really have no issue with because if you've ever played hockey, these things happen and I can imagine in the NHL it's on a more competitive and greater scale, BUT suspend the player NO MATTER WHO IT IS. If Patrick Kane does it, if Tomas Holmstrom does it, if Pavel Datsyuk does it, if Matt Cooke does it. And for Bylsma to actually defend the non suspension just goes to show how yellow he is. These special rules are what dummy's this league down. 2009, Malkin instigates a fight in game 2, MANDATORY suspension for game 3, but wait, Bettman cannot have that, he even said the the NHL cannot have their best players sitting out on the grand stage, so the instigator gets thrown out. Malkin goes on to factor in on all the goals pittsburgh scored in game 3, a game where if he were suspended, Detroit would've been up 3 games to none for sure.

It's these Bettman rules that drive me (and most of the hockey nation) crazy and it makes me hate the NHL more and more. The NHL IS much better without the likes of Cindy in it. You want to play hard and compete and play a little dirty? Fine, but don't *****, whine and dive all over the place when you get a Louisville to your mouth, but don't pretend to be a golden boy and nobody can touch you and then do stupid s*** like this and still complain about open ice hits and hits to the head. NHL, if you want to be seen as a safer league and have the best players playing, then you have to be consistent and just. I just cannot wait for the first guy to hit this guy that one last time. The NHL will be a better place.

#2230429 Bylsma Defends Crosby's Elbow on Foligno

Posted by LeftWinger on 27 November 2011 - 03:41 PM

This is why he will never have the respect. He is just lke Mario in that regard, waa waa if someone touches him, but it's just playing hard hockey if he does it to someone else...and just like Mario, nothing will be said from the NHL....Seems to me, NHL was better without him. At least everything was fair and there was no special treatment for players who seem to have special rules...

#2230424 Kessel 2nd Best Player in NHL?

Posted by LeftWinger on 27 November 2011 - 03:21 PM

The funny part isn't that they call Kessel the 2nd best player in the NHL, it's the part they call Cindy the best player... :hysterical: Just one more hit....please!

#2228585 Crosby coming back

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 November 2011 - 09:23 PM

I'm glad he's back, for the good of the game, but we're supposed to like him?

The game was pretty good while he wasn't around...