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#2232372 Ferraro is the next Helm

Posted by LeftWinger on 03 December 2011 - 05:47 PM

Nah, he will never make it here. Detroit does not employ players who stand up for their teammates after a cheapshot.... :ninja:

#2231869 Bobby Ryan/Jarome Iginla watch

Posted by LeftWinger on 02 December 2011 - 01:38 PM

Er, Franzen doesn't exactly disappear in the playoffs.

I agree with you on a lot of this, but Bobby Ryan's inconsistency is what has brought up all the rumours to begin with. Even last year, he had a five-game pointless drought where Franzen's longest drought was four. Ryan this year has already had two four-game pointless slumps and a three gamer, while Franzen had a six-gamer, but nothing else over two.

Last year, Franzen had a six-game point streak and a five, while Ryan had two fives and a four. This year, Franzen has three four-game streaks already while Ryan has only had a three.

I agree to a point, but he isn't getting any younger and he is only as good as his last performance and that was 3 points in 8 playoff games. For being our only thing closest to a pure scorer that we have, that is unacceptable, but yes it was only one off year, so maybe (I hope) he goes back to a point a game in this years playoff. While I admit I do not know too much about Bobby Ryan on a consistent level, I do know it seems everytime the Wings play the Ducks he is always factoring in someway, same as Iginla against the Flames.

It doesn't really matter, but if people want these type of players here, they have to understand that Holland cannot get them by offering 20 of our scrubs. We are all going to have our favorite players that we would never want to see be traded and will always offer up a different player in a scenario. Me, I'd rather keep Filppula than Franzen or Hudler since I think he brings a more complete game to the table, but if even trading him would get us that legit #1 pure scorer, then I would't have an issue, especially if Franzen returns to form as a serious scoring threat every night.

#2231860 Bobby Ryan/Jarome Iginla watch

Posted by LeftWinger on 02 December 2011 - 12:52 PM

Be upset all you want about someone mentioning Franzen, but he is just too inconsistent for my liking. Bobby Ryan and Jerome Iginla are waaaaaaay better than Franzen. You guys want to improve this team but you only want to offer scrubs that nobody wants. It takes talent to acquire talent. Hudler isn't gonna bring us anything, Miller isn't either. Holland tried trading Hudler all summer and nobody wanted him with all his "potential." He has worse value now. You have to trade someone unless you are perfectly fine with Franzen scoring 20 points in 10 games then disappearing for 20, then scoring 20 more in 15, then disappearing for the rest of the season and playoffs.

#2231674 Bobby Ryan/Jarome Iginla watch

Posted by LeftWinger on 01 December 2011 - 01:24 PM

Franzen + Hudler for either one...

I would say Hudler, Kindl, pick(s) but this isn't a video game.

#2230831 Bylsma Defends Crosby's Elbow on Foligno

Posted by LeftWinger on 29 November 2011 - 12:37 PM

Doesn't matter, bottom line is Crysby gives the NHL even LESS respect than they get compared to the rest of the sports. The fact that they are trying to eliminate plays like this by suspension's and then to not suspend a player for doing it makes it obvious that he has special rules set for himself. The play itself, I really have no issue with because if you've ever played hockey, these things happen and I can imagine in the NHL it's on a more competitive and greater scale, BUT suspend the player NO MATTER WHO IT IS. If Patrick Kane does it, if Tomas Holmstrom does it, if Pavel Datsyuk does it, if Matt Cooke does it. And for Bylsma to actually defend the non suspension just goes to show how yellow he is. These special rules are what dummy's this league down. 2009, Malkin instigates a fight in game 2, MANDATORY suspension for game 3, but wait, Bettman cannot have that, he even said the the NHL cannot have their best players sitting out on the grand stage, so the instigator gets thrown out. Malkin goes on to factor in on all the goals pittsburgh scored in game 3, a game where if he were suspended, Detroit would've been up 3 games to none for sure.

It's these Bettman rules that drive me (and most of the hockey nation) crazy and it makes me hate the NHL more and more. The NHL IS much better without the likes of Cindy in it. You want to play hard and compete and play a little dirty? Fine, but don't *****, whine and dive all over the place when you get a Louisville to your mouth, but don't pretend to be a golden boy and nobody can touch you and then do stupid s*** like this and still complain about open ice hits and hits to the head. NHL, if you want to be seen as a safer league and have the best players playing, then you have to be consistent and just. I just cannot wait for the first guy to hit this guy that one last time. The NHL will be a better place.

#2230429 Bylsma Defends Crosby's Elbow on Foligno

Posted by LeftWinger on 27 November 2011 - 03:41 PM

This is why he will never have the respect. He is just lke Mario in that regard, waa waa if someone touches him, but it's just playing hard hockey if he does it to someone else...and just like Mario, nothing will be said from the NHL....Seems to me, NHL was better without him. At least everything was fair and there was no special treatment for players who seem to have special rules...

#2230424 Kessel 2nd Best Player in NHL?

Posted by LeftWinger on 27 November 2011 - 03:21 PM

The funny part isn't that they call Kessel the 2nd best player in the NHL, it's the part they call Cindy the best player... :hysterical: Just one more hit....please!

#2228585 Crosby coming back

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 November 2011 - 09:23 PM

I'm glad he's back, for the good of the game, but we're supposed to like him?

The game was pretty good while he wasn't around...

#2228560 Crosby coming back

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 November 2011 - 09:03 PM

I'll be excited once Hudler gets the 10 year contract he deserves.

don't even joke about something like that, I almost ***** slapped my monitor!


LOL! Someone actually caring that Crysby stays in the NHL, that's a hoot!

#2228558 Crosby coming back

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 November 2011 - 08:47 PM

Ugh, nhl.vom(it) has a section for Cindy's shift by shift report...really? This just in, Cindy takes first post-concussion piss...

You would think no other player has EVER returned from a concussion....Geez I wish someone would take one for the rest of us and just blindside that little *****.

#2227912 Crosby coming back

Posted by LeftWinger on 20 November 2011 - 04:48 PM

please excuse me while I celebrate. :puke:

I hope the next hit knocks him back out...I cannot stand the prissy bastard.

#2227135 Babcock: "Do we want to be a good team or not?"

Posted by LeftWinger on 18 November 2011 - 01:23 PM

I've been annoyed when others jumped to this conclusion too early, but we're coming up on that all knowing 20 game mark and I think we've sene what we are now... I hate to say it, but this team needs a major shake-up... personnel has been too comfortable for too long and I think certain players are becomming complacent....

I still think we're going to see a blockbuster trade at the deadline... at this point, I really just hope it doesn't include Fil, as he's been our best forward this season and short of our bottom 6, he's the only one that's shown tenancity game in and out...

I agree with you about Filppula, but unfortunately nobody is gonna take our underachieving garbage just because of their potential. If not Filppula, then it's gonna be Helm or Abby. For me the ONLY trade-able guys I would not trade is Filppula, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Helm, Abby and Howard. Obviously Lidstrom isn't going anywhere and neither is Holmstrom. Even guys with NTC/NMC would be shopped, if they don't want to waive them clause, then they will sit... But, if we could package something together for a HUGE HUGE HUGE impact player, I'd be all for it. If you have to dump Franzen/Hudler/Kronwall along with prespects, then do it. Everyone is right, this team is stale, content, comfortable. I said it before, this team is what it is and pretty much you have already seen the best this "core" can be. Even Helm and Abby are what they are, they're good, but they aren't gonna all of a sudden turn into 50 goal scorer's.

I hope things change, but how long until they do? Kenny, this is a business, you have to so what's best for the franchise. Start the phones ringing, you should be able to get a very nice player(s) for a few good packages... Franzen, Hudler, Kronwall, Ericsson, Cleary, Bertuzzi, Brunnstrom...prospects, picks. Let's get some impact players here, not part timers.

Interesting thing about Franzen, we all remember his 5 goal outburst last season, right after that somebody (I forget who) started calling him the new Fedorov, well, it seems ever since that comparison...he has stunk up the ice. Trade him. If you can.

#2226540 Do They Deserve It?

Posted by LeftWinger on 17 November 2011 - 09:25 PM


14 games, 1 goal and 4 assists for Tomas Holmstrom.


11 games, 1 goal and 2 assists for Todd Bertuzzi.

I can't believe people will post "What's wrong with Datsyuk" and "What's up with Zetterberg" threads all day long and leave these two WASTES OF SPACE alone. Bertuzzi and Holmstrom are the biggest problem cases on the Red Wings right now, and imo, are keeping the team from developing the players they will need to make a run in this year's playoff. They are both 5-7 years past their primes, and 2-3 years past their effectiveness limit. Why is it that these two guys, who can't open up a square inch of ice, consistently see time with our big guns and drag them down, but a guy like Helm who can open up the whole rink can't sniff a shift with Hank? To me, this is the biggest problem with the Red Wings. The GM has invested in two guys who skate like they're on one leg, and the coach isn't willing to put them in the stands. "But Homer can't be effective without a top line center." HE ISN'T EFFECTIVE PERIOD. The Red Wings need to stop pretending it's 2002. Pavel and Hank need SPEED. They aren't 21 and 23 anymore. Get them some guys who can skate and open up the ice, already.

...so what do you propose to do with them? You can't waive them, they cannot retire because if they did, their salary would still count against the cap, you know you cannot trade them, ya, sit them, but then you are wasting their cap hit in the press box, plus your roster is full, so unless they go on LTIR you cannot sit them and play a youngster... so, like them or not, they are here for the reminder of their contract, and then, they will most likely be gone...

#2226071 11/15 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blues 2

Posted by LeftWinger on 15 November 2011 - 11:05 PM

Am I the only one who finds it strange that Hudler is getting the majority of the scorn right now considering the performance of Datsyuk and Zetterberg?

I'll admit that Cleary and Hudler have been terrible. But where are the leaders on forward? Franzen seems to be our go to guy now and he takes off nights, so how can this team stay competitive when we have two stars who aren't playing like it and a goal scorer who is taking on a role he shouldn't be taking?

Honestly, I think most people here are afraid to say Zetterberg and Datsyuk are playing like crap. It's almost like it's sac-religious to do so. Hell either they are horrible or both hurt, and if they are both hurt, then sit them down and let them heal Mike! I have no issue saying they are playing crappy, but I hope it is due to injury and not aging. I am all for a couple of players sitting down for a bit, some to heal and some to get the freaking point through their heads! Which ones are hurt, we'll probably never know for sure, but if needed put Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Cleary on IR, sit the hell out of Franzen and Hudler...

...a lot of folks complaining about Commodore, but what do you expect when he gets the crap minutes of the game. Say what they want, but Babcock still hates Commodore and is NOT playing him on purpose. How many minutes did he play tonight? Sure, he is not a top 2 defensman, but f*** man, Backes was running everyone out there without regard, put Commodore on him and beat the s*** out of him, at least put him out there so he can try to stick up for his teammates. I am seriously questioning Babcock at this moment. Especially in a game like this, Backes needed to be floored for his antics. And maybe, just maybe that would've lit a bit of a fire...

#2225929 11/15 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blues 2

Posted by LeftWinger on 15 November 2011 - 09:55 PM

someone PLEASE gif the part of that commercial where franzen is laughing about his 11 year multi million dollar contract.

perfect response when he decides to take 10 straight games off again.

:blink: we got 11 more years of him? Oh.my.God. Didn't realize it was that long....:puke: