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In Topic: Hockey News: Detroit has the easiest schedule

Yesterday, 08:26 PM

The difference now is the Caps hired a world class coach, someone who will teach and expect defensive responsibilities from everyone. Add to that that Niskanen signing and although overpaid Orpik is a hitting machine so their defense is extremely improved. Caps are going to make the playoffs. The Wings barely made the playoffs last season so with the caps in I think the chances of the same roster making it this year are...very slim. Yeah Boston lost their best scorer but they are still a top team. Isles did nothing to improve their defense they will be a better team but I don't think they are playoff bound. Toronto, Carolina, New York, Ottawa and Detroit have to hope that some of the 8 better teams will have a subpar season.


I'm sorry but I think it's completely ridiculous that you're grouping us in with those teams.

In Topic: Dekeyser/Tatar status update

Yesterday, 03:01 PM


I agree.  But in addition to the whole dad dying thing, he also was a real good sport about starting the season on the bench after he had clearly played his way onto the team, as well as being a good sport about spending probably a year longer in the AHL than he needed to. 


Tatar, despite what some folks think, has had a really good attitude the entire time he's been in Detroit.  I think fans just get worried because he'd the kind of guy who says he's disappointed when he is, or pissed off, or whatever.  So they always think he's got an attitude.  He doesn't.  He's just up front about how he's feeling, which is unique for a Red Wing.


I totally understand why he's gotten frustrated in relation to starting on the bench and spending a while in the AHL.  


In fact I think that's a positive thing. It shows he has drive and wants to prove himself and keep getting better.


That's not what rubs me the wrong way....  It's the fact that he vents his frustrations to the press.  


If you don't like the way you're being handled as an hockey player/employee/human being then express that to your agent/boss/GM, not The Detroit news and various Czech newspapers.


How many other Red Wings do you see doing that?

So to clarify... I think he has the right attitude.  He's just immature in how he deals with it.

In Topic: Hockey News: Detroit has the easiest schedule

Yesterday, 02:49 PM

With the exception of Detroit, Tampa Bay and possibly Columbus, every other Eastern team who made the playoffs has taken a serious step back or are in cap hell.


Washington looks good on paper but they have always looked pretty good on paper. (aside from their goaltending)


Carolina did nothing to improve.  Islander's defence is a joke and who knows with the Leafs.


Personally, I like our chances....

In Topic: Dekeyser/Tatar status update

Yesterday, 12:57 PM

As for Tatar:

The guy has shown tremendous loyality after playing through the most difficult time of his life, so I really hope he gets some sort of reward for that.


Going to work when you're grieving is no doubt difficult.  But that's not something you get "rewarded" for, nor does it show loyalty.  That's life.

In Topic: Dekeyser/Tatar status update

Yesterday, 12:21 PM

Regarding Tatar...


Tomas, what's the current situation in terms of your future overseas?

"For some time, together with my agent, we've been negotiating a new contract with Detroit. But it's not easy; it's a business, and both sides want to have the best conditions."
Do you already have a specific proposal on the table?
"Yes, I have three options. The team's offered me two, three and five-year contracts. Of course the offers have other financial circumstances."
Which one of the alternatives do you prefer?
"It looks like I'll sign a two or three-year contract. We're close to an agreement, but a few things need to be resolved."
Do you have a red line deadline, or do you have some time to think?
"No, we're not in a rush. It doesn't matter whether I'll sign today or in two weeks."
"Detroit has my rights until I'm 27, so I can't negotiate with any other NHL team, so I have time" (Tatar says, and laughs).
But could it possibly happen that Detroit would sign you to a new contract and then let you go?
"It might. Especially because hockey and the NHL are a big business. But I don't think that will happen."
Now what are you doing?
"I'm recovering from a short weekend trip to Croatia, but I'm training fully and preparing for the new season."