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    please dont' use the words semin to detroit again.
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    2009 Pittsburgh Penguins.
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    The Blues are in the driver's seat

    St. Louis has just finished a long 6 game road trip (5 out west) and won FIVE of them. Needless to say the Blues are hot and playing very well on the road. First time since February 2009 that they had won 4 in a row on the road. The Wings are not playing well on the road and they have 8 games left on the road. Blues have 9 games left on the road. Who has the advantage now? So for those who thought the Wings were going to win the division because their schedule is easier..... think again. IMHO, the Blues have the advantage simply because Detroit is hurting and still have not corrected the problems on the road. Detroit's season is over, IMHO, if they don't win the division. The Wings' trip out West coming up next week may be the turning point.... one way or the other... although the game against the Blues in St. Louis on April 4th will probably determine who wins the divsion and each team has won outright their home games against each other this year.
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    Why, because they won tonight when Datsyuk and Lidstrom were out? Preds are not a team we should worry about in the playoffs.
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    Any chance that the reason you think the defense looks better is not necessarily that Ericsson is out, but rather that Quincey and Smith are in? Quincey and Smith is a better pair than Ericsson and Kindl, or Ericsson and Commodore. Not because there's a problem with Ericsson, Kindl, or Commodore, but that Quincey is just better than all of them?
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    Ericsson's playstyle:
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    Filppula is "too nice".

    going to man up and eat my crow on fil, i thought he would put up his usual numbers but he has really broken out offensively this year and has been simply outstanding.
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    Ryan Sproul

    Goal and 2 assists for Sproul tonight. 2010/11: 61 games, 14G, 19A (33 points), -15, 36 PIM 2011/12: 57 games, 19G, 30A (49 points), +16, 51 PIM. He's having a tremendous season.
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    My only hope is another few years before the next post of yours.
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    He's good, but clearly not good enough to have his name spelt correctly. Which, in fairness, is no small request.
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    They are stupid because they wanted to trade a guy years ago? Idiots, we should have all known this year was going to happen
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    I agree. Every team has at least one player that they are overpaying for the skills and services provided. We are blessed to have just big E.
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    I'm pretty sure Holland's #1 priority is to win, so I think he couldn't care less if Ericsson sat in the press box if such made the chances of victory higher. Holland's goal is for the Wings to win it all, not for him to get the best value for players` salaries.
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    This. Don't want to see another game this season without him in the line-up. I think he's been THAT good.
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    It will be good in the offseason to have eight NHL-caliber defensemen. Given the weakness of the UFA class last offseason, he couldn't really afford to leave a big gap on defense. Kindl was unproven. Had Rafalski not retired, and had White been brought in anyway, Ericsson would have been unnecessary.
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    Smith should have been starting all season over those two. I still don't know why Holland paid so much money to Ericsson, when he could easily be replaced with guys like Smith, Kindl, or any other defenseman we sign in the offseason. EDIT: Forgot about Quincey. He's another reason why Ericsson should have no place on this team in the future. However, now we could be stuck paying 3.5 million to a guy who's not even in the starting lineup. Bad move by Holland either way you look at it.
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    Doc Holliday

    Playoff race thread

    No, it really wouldn't. Nashville is not Detroit. Even if they get Radulov, who would have to become acclimated to the system in time for the playoffs to start, they would not scare me if we had home ice. People love to overrate Nashville every season. But they just don't have it.
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    I’d be ditching that zoom lens shot for a 20 year wide panoramic.
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    Playoff race thread

    I have no problem with the Sharks missing the playoffs.
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    Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

    Burke is a drama queen and I have a suspicion if the Leafs don't make the playoff he is going to bolt and get the hell out of there. He can't handle the media pressure.
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    Back before they bailed on the Western Conference, there was a Bruce Cockburn song, "If a Tree Falls", with the lyrics: "If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?" We correctly changed it to: "If the Leafs fall in the Norris does anybody care?"
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    Post Everytime You Look

    My friend found a Terry Sawchuck bobblehead at a goodwill and bought it to give to me. I just want to know who gave it to goodwill so I can smack 'em. MUST COLLECT ALL OF THE THINGS
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    Red Wings Addict

    Tomas Tatar

    Talking with: Tomas Tatar http://detroitsportsnation.com/offwingview/2012/03/01/talking-with-tomas-tatar/
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    Todd Ber-tuz-zi! :clap:
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