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    In 3-4 years, Helm will be skating circles around a pile of crows for LGW to feast upon I hope he plays 82 games next season and everyone forgets the past 2 years.
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    Winter is coming..

    Keep warm with your new sweater. http://shop.nhl.com/Ugly_Sweaters/source/ak1933nhl-fb-ugly-sweaters?NHL_FB=Src_Ugly_Sweaters
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    Winter is coming..

    I thought so
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    I'm going to laugh and laugh and laugh if Tatar signs a more "team friendly" deal than Dekeyser. Everybody is overly worried about Tatar, but the local guy isn't signed either. What if he's the one with the "ego problem" or whatever else is being suggested about Tatar? People act like Tatar is some kind of bad seed because he's trying to get the best deal he can. But clearly Dekeyser is doing the same thing and everyone is mum. Truth is, neither are currently signed because their value is really hard to determine. They've both played better than your average rookie but don't have a track record. As such, it's hard for both management, and their agents, to figure out what their proper value is. So it takes time.
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    Winter is coming..

    That actually is not a bad looking sweater, I don't need one of those down here,because we really don't have a winter
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    Winter is coming..

    That's what I'm talking about! I love me an ugly sweater, but isn't the whole point that they're cheap?!
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    Winter is coming..

    These would be amazing... If they didn't actually expect people to spend that much money on them.
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    Babcock on using advanced stats

    Good choice. Important for our style of play. Thats at least one good news in our offseason. ( Before somebody else does it : "Advanced stats are our offseason aquisition." )
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    For the record, I'm not against skipping bridge deals when the situation calls for it. (I know my 3rd post in this topic seems to contradict that, because I said "players"). My original point was this: Tatar should sign a "bridge" deal, just like most younger players. I can't stand when I see a guy come off of his ELC and get a 6 million dollar contract (not saying Tatar is getting this, or has asked for it) for one season of strong play. The rare occasion, it's deserved and the deal works out. So perhaps I wasn't specific enough, but I'm referring to the mid-range players, not superstar. I acknowledge that skipping bridge deals can be beneficial. At times, skipping those bridge deals turns out to be a fantastic situation for a team - i.e. John Tavares. I think most players considered to be superstars can "safely" skip those deals. Montreal's screwed right now because of Subban's bridge deals, and that's where I think a team like Ottawa did the right thing (Karlsson @ 6.5 per). However, in Tatar's particular case, I would feel much safer giving him a bridge deal to determine his long-term contract's value. As of right now, he's played predominantly on the 3rd line. The players mentioned above are studs, playing against the other team's top competition. Maybe it's my perception of Tatar's potential, but I don't see Detroit being burned by a bridge deal with him. I don't think it'll amount to a situation where Tatar is able to demand upwards of 7 million on his next deal. I get the idea of risk management, and I wouldn't have been totally opposed to a 5 year, 3-3.5 million deal. It worked out well with Filppula. I just think that the 2-3 year deal, in Tatar's case, would be the best fit for now.
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    We could actually see this lineup at some point this season, which to me, is pretty exciting!
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    I'm betting most Wings fans could never envision Chelios playing for the Wings either.
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    Should have hired flashy to do the Photoshop.
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    Alfie wants to play

    Ken holland is that you?
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    It'll be called The Octopus's Garden and shaped like Ringo's head.