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    Well this is fun Okay, it's forum game time, get your beers. I spy with my little eye, a team that really sucks. Who is it?
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    I look like a goblin, I wear #8, I have the worst contract in the league and i'm atrocious at hockey. Who am I?
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    Should have kept Howard in there. Repay Montreal for that time the Red Wings forced Patrick Roy to ask for a trade. It's sad that Howard will end up staying in Detroit longer than Sawchuk or Osgood. He's like a growth on our hip.
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    5 goal 3rd period comeback incoming
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    Who needs defense, it's free goal night! EVERYONE GETS A GOAL!!!
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    Is it too late to have another trade deadline?
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    Good start, prepping for an epic 3rd period comeback
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    Meme magic is real. Bowey bobble leads to Shaw goal. 0-2.
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    Nah that poster wore 91. He was the 91 of Ryans.
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    So Ottawa and the King’s saw how strong our tank is and decided to bulk up their tanks too. 6-1 Canes over King’s and and 7-2 Caps over Sens. There’s just no winning tonight.
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    End of 2nd. Wings trail 1-6.
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    This is the worst game I’ve seen in a hot minute.
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    Blashill deserves that extension!
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    AA Larkin Zadina line please. The rest of the game. And the next 8. It's okay Howard you can't be traded anymore. Get your crap together.
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    Ah, fair. Sort of like #90.
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    I should be here for the 2nd, stuck at work for another 20 mins then it's go time. LGW!!