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  1. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    This start has been a pleasant surprise. I just watched the highlights, and he boys were looking pretty good. Hank is in beast mode, but we have more than 1 line of players clicking, which bodes well.
  2. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    If he offers his "introductory stats course" again, can we at least sticky it for everyone's benefit?
  3. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    Maybe their twitter post got the Zetterbeard just a wee bit fired up.
  4. Disney Buys Star Wars, 3 New Films Coming

    Not a bad theory, though the trailer puts it to doubts. I was saying to friends Luke had gone to the dark side before the first new film because he wasn't in any of the posters or promos. Looking forward to the new film though.
  5. Coyle 's play was dirty. Too much butt hurt over clean hits. Make him pay with another PP goal.
  6. You have momentum, put your skates on their throats and crush them. Do NOT let them back into this game.
  7. Zetterberg! Fear the beard. Great diving play by Daley to stop the rush towards our zone not too much earlier.
  8. My bass rig has more power than the new horn
  9. Great 2nd. Stay strong and bring it home in the 4rd. About time they gave Jimmy some multi-goal run support. Has he looked his average self between the pipes tonight in the first half of the game? I got home at 10:30 if the 2nd.
  10. Pre-Season Games

    Just don't start calling him Ras El Goal.
  11. The 13th F......

    Biggest difference between a one-way and a two-way contract, if I recall correctly, is that on a one-way, the player makes his full NHL salary even if sent down, while for a two-way contract the player makes a lower salary if he is in the AHL.
  12. Andersson leaving the NHL after the Playoffs

    Interesting point about babs leaving. Kind of weird how that seems to be working out.
  13. 2017 NHL China Games

    Surprised you didn't mention Jinder Mahal. With his constant help from the Singh brothers it is almost a team sport.
  14. Andersson leaving the NHL after the Playoffs

    Sorry to hear the guy was hurt. I hope he is able to recover and resume playing, but I concur with your thoughts that it could be career killing. It didn't work out for him with the Wings but I had no ill will towards him. Did you resurrect the thread instead of starting a new one partlly to scare people who didn't check the original post date into thinking Hakan was hanging up his scouting binoculars?
  15. Pre-Season Games

    Mantha is looking good. Nielsen with his 2nd. Beautiful air mail pass to set up that play.