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2017 Draft

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3 minutes ago, Detroit # 1 Fan said:

Interested to see what they paid for him.

NHL network announcer said a prospect and two picks but didn't have details yet. Haven't seen anything on twitter yet 

2 minutes ago, derblaueClaus said:

Apparently for two picks and a prospect. Calgary loading up their D.

Getting ready to trade us Hamilton obv :ninja: 

Woo more defense at pick 71! Kotkansalo 

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1 hour ago, krsmith17 said:

That's fine, and I don't think a single person is saying that Rasmussen is a bad player, just that he was a bad pick at 9 with the players that were left on the board. If you want a big guy that can bang in rebounds, pick him in the later rounds. Hell, I would have been okay if we picked Rasmussen after trading back to the mid round, without Vilardi and others on the board, and picking up another 2nd. With a top 10 pick (the first one in a quarter century) we should have taken the most skilled player available. Rasmussen was not close to that in my opinion.

According to their opinion he is. And they run the team. That's my entire point. 

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Re: Kotkansalo

"In 47 games with the Stampede, he collected a goal and 12 points. While with Finland’s U20 team, he scored two goals and added four helpers in just 13 games. In both cases, he racked up a fair amount of penalty minutes, but that comes with a player who isn’t afraid to throw his body around and play a physical game.

Kotkansalo will join Boston University next season as he’s committed to their collegiate program."


im all for a physical game. Seems like a solid pick. And BU is one of the best colleges we could hope our prospects go to. 

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From Future Considerations :


“A two-way, reliable defender with some offensive upside. He has the sting ability and hockey sense to close gaps extremely well. Backwards skating and balance are both very strong and he gets involved on both sides of the puck. He handles and controls the puck well, displays high-end vision and his first pass is on target. He moves the puck efficiently and quickly in his passing game and finds his target even under pressure…He’s just a reliable two-way guy who could develop into a strong offensive contributor at the next level.”

Sounds like a solid pick.

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