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10/05 GDT | at Red Wings 4, Minnesota Wild 2 (1st Game @ LCA)

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neilson and abs very overrated and over paid if you ask me. 

defense still needs work almost 40 shots against



howard was awesome. looks like hes been practicing on handling the puck

mantha frk larkin looking good

daley looked good

PP working PK working

keep it up

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Larkin, Mantha, Frk taking care of business. I, for one, welcome our new young gun overlords.

Howard was his usual solid self, gave us exactly what we needed.

We are a disaster in our end, but maybe this season we can consistently outscore our mistakes.

This was fun.

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..and the flaccid horn....

Nice game.

Having Green and Daley on the point will be good for puck movement

Frk's shot is responsible for 2 goals. 1 on the powerplay (I think it was Buppy who was s***ting the idea that he could help out the PP) Maybe just a special game for the guy on his birthday, but if we see more like that, it could be a useful piece.

FML was frking my life quite nicely. Larkin looks like he's finding his way at center despite some errant passes.

Top line seems to be lacking something. I'm always against Tats and Nyquist on the 1st line together. I'd put some speed or size instead of one of those guys. Maybe about 1.9-2.25 million worth of something...

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1 hour ago, NerveDamage said:

CRL CRL!!! look at them pups!!!

oh...you at the bar


I seent it at the bar. They had our game on the projector cause bar tendy is from the D. Beautful pups, especially in the red sweaters

42 minutes ago, NerveDamage said:


sounds like providence, doesn't it?


Take that PETA!

Frk is averaging 2 goals a game. Sustainable?

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Had a blast at the game. Despite sitting waaaaay up in the nosebleeds, my view of the ice was still great. We're a mess in our own zone which is frustrating to watch, but it was really fun to see the kids put up all those points. Not to mention a clutch goal by the captain!

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