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    So, Howard was absolutely huge tonight. A lot of guys had big moments, but Howard was HUGE. We were in this game because of Howard through the 1st and he locked down the win. Phenomenally great game from him.
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    The Red Wings are taking up so much space in the Hawks' heads they should be paying rent.
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    Huge shot from behind on Colaiacovo. Funny how Pierre and Edzo called it clean but the refs actually called a misconduct.
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    Pavel takes a minute during intermission to call Sam Bernstein, and see if he can file a copyright infringement lawsuit against Nyquist
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    If Eddie 'dips***' Olczyk is calling Wings/Hawks games, why doesn't Jack Edwards call Bruins games on this channel too? May as well let all the homer announcers do national games.
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    Toews has some skills that Pasha doesn't, like bitching about getting knocked around when he is hovering in front of the net.
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    Haha Holy Lord what awful officiating.
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    Oh, I definitely think it was a goal, but I definitely think it was close and after them blowing the Franzen play before that lead to a goal, I think it was a kneejerk makeup call. I'll take it, because the goal before shouldn't have happened.
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    Just watching the NBC broadcast and I haven't heard a word from Eddie in 10 minutes. Hilarious that his homerism is that obvious he can't even comment on the game anymore. What a tool.
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    Looks like we are inside their heads now, wouldn't surprise me to see Bickell or Shaw do something suspension-worthy next game. And is it just me, or does it look like someone shaved Fat Bastard's chest hair and glued the clippings onto Patrick Kane's neck? That is some of the ugliest facial hair I've ever seen!
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    Wow they are ******* losing it. I guess that's what happens when you're used to having your ass powdered.
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    it sucks that we aren't good enough to be in the same rink as the hawks....
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    Beautiful pass from Mule to Pavs. Think Mule is a little mad? Bleep you refs, Bleep you Kane, Bleep You with a rubber Bleep wrapped in barbed wire Edzo. But Datsyuk has no skill and just works hard, right?
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    These non-calls are getting insane.
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    it's so funny that even while the wings are up 2-0 they are giving constant praise to everything chicago does... Detroit however gets a courtesy mention after the fact
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