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    I'm watching super troopers, much better.
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    Stephen Weiss? I don't love the guy, but he brings way more than Andersson ever will.
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    Raise your hand if you said none of our regular defensemen could ever get scratched for marchenko? Clearly we aren't better with him in the lineup. Except all those games we won against good teams...with him in the lineup.
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    Howard is a terrible 1v1 goaltender
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    Not usually....ALWAYS.
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    He likes long walks on the beach and is really good at listening
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    Pretty bad fight, but I'm glad to see Abby stick up for Z....Cole too.
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    So everyone can now stop bitching about Glenny because Dats wanted him on his line, ok?
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    Big Injuries for TB

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    Smith and Zidlicky look great together.
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    I am so pissed off at this team right meow.
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    Even if we're playing well i still don't think it'll matter. If and that's a big if we play well we can beat anyone in the east. Our D has to be lights out though. Still too flustered and just plain bad at moving the puck.
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    Good for Abby. Maybe his teammates will play with some energy soon like he has lately.
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    He already has Tatar. Can they clone him? Twotar?
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    Ah crap. I was worried about this. I had no knowledge of his family. Just trying to be funny. My apologies for being insensitive. Well he should specifically ask for Babcock to put Weiss back in, and scratch Andersson.
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    Right now Dylan Larkin’s grandmother would be better than Andersson.
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    Glendening on the first line, Ericsson on the top pair, the 4th line being used as a "shutdown" group when they clearly aren't cut out for that. Great coach, but man does he make some really stupid decisions.
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    Glendenning needs to get bad on his line and Andersson needs to take a seat.
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    This. Get Glenny off the 1st line and put Andersson on waivers.
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    Big Injuries for TB

    Haha Coburns injured? I love me some player formerly known as Steve, but his trades are very hit or miss. Now it's even worse with Coburns injured
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    Agreed. We absolutely despise playing a full good game. I don't expect to dominate every game but yes we are capable of dominating stretches.
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    Boston NEVER was going to trade Boychuk to Detroit. Giving a division rival exactly the piece they need would have been plain stupid.
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    Abby get the #9 hat trick
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    I really like zidlicky in this role he was put in a position to do too much in nj