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    That kind of intensity is needed on every shift. Really got screwed, that passage of play deserved a goal.
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    Mantha, Larkin, Cholo with a good cycle
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    Nice goal you have there Canucks, it'd be a shame if someone CHALLENGED IT!
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    I mean, let's be honest, the Wings don't deserve to be tied right now. That would've been our eighth shot on goal. Larkin back on the ice. Hopefully it's just a bruised pooper. Never really know how serious in-game injuries are until after the game. "Turns out he shattered his spine. Amazing that he was able to get back on the ice."
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    The Professor = Plan B. Larkin back on the bench. Good sign! Jimmy's having himself a game. Get that man some goal support!
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    You'd be crazy not to call now and inquire about Quenneville. He's a world class coach and those don't come around too often. That said, if he agreed in principle to coaching the Wings, you still let Blashill finish out the season and get the lottery pick. I'd love to have him, especially as we start turning the corner on this rebuild.
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    At least they were smart enough to call an Uber Take note Tinky-Winky.
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    How the f*** did Larkin's rebound shot stay out?!
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    IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Iffy start. Not generating any o-zone pressure. PK
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    Moose vs. Mantha

    He dines on hockey pucks.
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    Milwaukee Mullets

    3 4 reasons... 1) Cause I'm 1st in the LGW Buy In League. 2) Levity - Coach Q thread got me a bit wound-up. 3) Did I mention that I'm 1st in the LGW Buy In League? 4) Mullets are silly, and are a good conversation piece.
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    I don't think hiring Yzerman will change much of anything either. There is one prescription to fix this team: Lose We need superstars, and the way you get them in today's NHL is to lose hockey games. Not saying I like it, or even agree with it, but that's what needs to be done. Coach Q probably won't change this situation at all, but if he does make us better that actually probably ends up hurting us at this point in time. When the time is right, when we have some core pieces, then we look to make a coaching change if we are still unhappy with Blash. In the meantime, Blash is good with kids and the kids are flourishing, so leave him be. Most honest guy here All you're doing is admitting to being a fair-weather/bandwagon fan... yet also claiming you know the state of the team better than most of us here who watch 60 plus RW games a season rain or shine. I'll take those opinions over yours any day.
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    I figure they'll have a high 2nd rounder
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    Wooden skates too?