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    Personal note to the denizens of this season's GDTs: I miss you all and enjoyed our chats during the games. Even though most were awful losses, you were there for the celebrations of the good outings... and there will be more of them. You are good and loyal fans of our Wings. Stay well and be safe/sane about this situation we are in, as a nation. I just wanted to say hello to each of you, and hope to see you soon - Dabby, Mabus, Legs, Y19, Neo -- all of you fine people. Looking forward to next season now. xoxo, loooo
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    Based on the Wings season they owe us ....... Just like we would have done during the playoffs till draft day.....
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    Suspending the season put us Red Wings fans out of our misery. I wonder if they'll offer those of us with nhl tv some sort of refund?
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    They should cancel the draft lottery and leave it based on the standings
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    So they're all headed back to the Maple Leaf's Head Quarters?
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    Yeah, it's getting pretty bad. I was looking at that stat earlier in the year, but hadn't paid much attention recently. They are firmly in last place by quite a margin, but that stat is even worse. They are -122, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th worst teams are a combined -130.
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    No please don’t cancel. I want to see how the -122 goal differential ends up
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    What do you expect from a league full of snowflakes?
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    The Wuhan Klan ain't nuthin' to f*** with.
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    McDavid also didn't play a game because of this mysterious "illness" designation. What's the common denominator here? THAT'S RIGHT! KEN HOLLAND STARTED THE CORONAVIRUS!
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