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  1. Save the money. What if we swing a deal for Trouba? He'll cost a lot to re-sign. Plus the Fowler idea too. He'll cost a lot if we can get him ufa, or re-sign if we trade for him.
  2. Hoping Fowler makes it to ufa next July. Again, I'd rather save the cap and throw it at Fowler next season if he doesn't re-up with Anaheim.
  3. I would in a heartbeat trade Nyquist for Fowler. But would Anaheim?
  4. He's an RFA. Where did you read he was on radar? Would any of you guys trade the #9 for Fowler?
  5. What's not to believe? 3 teams have win 7 of the last 11 Cups. Possibly an 8th this year. That's not parity, which is what the cap was supposed to bring. All it did was take away from the elite franchises that were willing to do what it had to to win. It was meant to spread the wealth, but I'm sure Uncle Gary is not going to change things this time in the name of parity, the teams he wants winning are winning.
  6. Ya, we'll, I'm out. Uncle Gary pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. Salary Cap was supposed to bring league parity, well with Pit poised to win it's 3rd Cup since 09 and with Chicago already having 3 since 10, that's 6 cups in 12 years possibly going to 2 teams. Plus the Kings twice. All the cap did was take away from a handful of teams and give the accolades to a different select few that were basement dwellers for a decade. I don't see parity when 3 teams win 8 of the last 12 cups (if Pit wins) it's the same as when it was Detroit, Colorado and New Jersey, but they weren't handed players due to a cap. There is no league parity, it just allowed Uncle Gary to handicap the teams that kept his league alive throughout the 90's and hand it over to the teams and their fans that didn't even know what the nhl was in the 90's. Meanwhile there are 20+ other teams still waiting for parity to help them out...ask Arizona about league parity. I'm out. They may not win, but the fact that Pit is even back in the finals reeks of garbage. So basically l was forced to give up my winning tradition that was built the old fashion way, to watch the torch be given to teams that the fans didn't even care enough to support prior to the cap. f*** you uncle Gary. We were all lied to and bamboozled.
  7. Kind of surprised Moulson is listed there. He'd be about the only one id be interested in.
  8. I'm out, can't do overtime. If pens lose great, but if they win, I will throw up if I see those bandwagon fans celebrating...
  9. And that is why the nhl is bulls***.
  10. The only chance we'll take is injury...if we could somehow get a 1st at the draft...
  11. Plus I do believe 99% of us wanted him, and wanted Holland to offer more to get him...wouldve been nice...
  12. Asst. Coach, eh?
  13. I say shed the $12M-$14M in salary, sign some 1 year vets, bring up some kids. Save the cap to try and land Fowler if he doesn't re-sign with Duck.
  14. He will grant my wish, it is done. Owen Tippett, first round pick! (Must think positive....positive vibe!)
  15. I cut and pasted my post from the Shatty thread because it is probably more to thus topic. I think this is what I'd rather do: Skip shatty, let some kids develop for this season, throw my big money at UFA Cam Fowler. Because if I'm giving $7M to someone, I'd rather it be him. If we sign Shatty, we'll have to dump even more cap next year to try for Fowler. For the money, Fowler is worth it. Also, is still like to dump about $12M-$14M in salary in preparation for our RFA's and moving forward. I wouldn't mind trying to flip Green now for an extra 1st, like mentioned to maybe Edmonton.