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  1. Bet Brian Boyle gets a call from Holland.
  2. Would any of you want Jumbo Joe?
  3. Ugh...no, God no.
  4. Honestly, unless he re-signs, I'd rather save cap and go after Fowler next year. Unless he signs players to 1 year and flips them for picks again. I can see Green getting us at least a 2nd at the deadline. Players like Daley or Girardi could tech the same. It'd be nice to have a couple of 1sts and 2nds next draft.
  5. I agree, but we're talking Holland here. Plus Blashill and his stupid line combos. Holland loves the vets and Blashill will probably rotate sitting Sproul and XO before he sits E anyhow.
  6. I suppose they could just go with 13 forwards and 8 D, but as long as it's 1 year deals so we can flip them at the deadline for picks. It's just a cap issue unless there's a cap dump coming, but I doubt it. I say that because with AA and Tatar,We'll have 11 forwards signed. They could bring up a kid that needs to clear waivers and maybe another, or sign Vanek. Then with the 7 D they have now, they could sign an 8th and still be at 23.
  7. Well so much for the funny name line. Wait, we could still eventually have: Frk - Ehn - AA
  8. Waiving him doesn't give us any cap relief except $950,000ish. I believe Holland is going to do some stupid stuff Saturday.Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see him try to make his team better, but I think D will have to be acquired via trade, there's just no spots available without losing someone for free. I hate that. I wouldn't mind giving Vanek another chance, but then again we're looking at cap issues. We do have over $11M with Franzen LTIR, but I still believe Tatar will get $5M-$5.5M. AA will get at least $1M. Maybe less, but we still have very little room to make our team better via UFA.
  9. Spencer said Foock off Holland....
  10. I just don't understand signing a D when we have 7 here already and a couple that can be called up. You start signing D you're going to have to waive some. Don't think that a team won't take any one of Sproul, XO or Jensen. They'd be gone instantly...for free and You know Holland won't trade E.
  11. Well who's the next unsigned college FA we'll target and lose?
  12. Guess family is always right...i think he made a foo-lish choice. But,dammit I am tired of losing out in these guys. I know we got DD, but he was a hometown guy. The culture in Detroit has to change.
  13. So, is this going to be an 11th hour decision?
  14. Trade

    We'll, just like you guys were telling me all this time, just because he's there doesn't mean they'll draft him. Holland proved this with Vilardi and Tippett, the no-brainer picks according to TSN. But he took who he wanted. He could've passed over Chychrun and chose Cholowski anyway. With the dumbassness of Holland, I'm almost convinced He'd do it...