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Oh Captain, No Captain?

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We have a captain, he just refuses to play...

as for the washed up vets, we all don´t have a clue what they mean to the team especially with the loss of Kronner. You can´t just have a bunch of kids.

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5 minutes ago, krsmith17 said:

There's no question as to who the next captain will be. What's the hold up? Name him captain already...

I have to wonder if Zetterberg has something to do with it. My guess is that once Z’s contract is up, Larkin officially wears the C.

who knows, maybe he comes back for a few games at the end of next season for a last hurrah. Highly doubt it, but you never know.

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I wonder if they are just saying this going into camp and once the preseason is over they "change" their minds and name Larkin captain based on bolded below.

"Blashill said he talked with Steve Yzerman and they agreed it's better not to name a captain until the new GM gets to know the team better so they'll start with 4 alternates. He said they reserve the right to change their mind."

So it makes it look even across the board as far as  "competition" for spots on the roster the talking heads @ freep.com, mlive, detroitnews keep yakking about so rather than just hand it to Larkin.  He wins it due to effort showing the REAL and ALWAYS captain in the pressbox that he is worthy of the title in camp.

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