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    No, we don't. The next one will be dealt with swiftly.
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    You mean this one? http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/topic/75839-look-whos-top-in-gr-scoring/ " It looks like Yellow Mustard is going to miss some time after catching that elbow last night against the Sabres. Its really bad timing too, because our defense already thin with Big Poppa out with a concussion and Bandit serving his 5 game suspension. I would say this forces us to call up someone from GR, most likely Billy the Kid or The Player Formerly Known As Steve. We might be in trouble on the back end until we get some regulars back, since this leaves the Boogeyman as our #1 defenseman. And you know what that means!!!! Boogeyman - Hot Topic Heebie Jeebies - Dances with Wolves My Little Pony - Agent Orange ~&~ (The Player Formerly Known As Steve) "
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    Noooo that's the parking garage name.
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    Do we really need to keep rehashing the same joke over and over again?
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    This make brain hurt.
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    I thought we had settled on Hampus Melen Arena? No takesie backsies!
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    It's a moot point since we have Quincey signed, but I definitely would've taken a flyer on Del Zotto with Babs teaching him. Guy has undeniable offensive talents, just needs some work in the d-zone.
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    MDZ=Q. The deference will be that Del Zotto will play for a lot less and has a potential to better than Q.
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    Quincey's probably better than all three of those guys.
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    Not going to happen.
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    I'm not worried about either of them. Sure Holland's been munching on his own stones a bit with UFA dealings, but he's always been great when it comes to signing his own RFA deals.
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    Guys and girls let's not overreact here. Don't get me wrong I would love such a beautiful arena with all the lighting and colloseeum like seating but so far these are only pictures of the project. When it comes down to actually building it nobody knows if they aren't going to chance some things here and there just to get it done in time etc. I honestly believe there should and can't be any discussion about the name, it has to be named after an ex player or even more deservingly about the guy who turned this franchise around from top to bottom, our very own Mr. Mike I. I love the term ICE (Ilitch Center of Entertainment) Arena :-)
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    I think it will it should be called Howzermindseychukstrom Arena lol.
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    Someone please resurrect the "player formerly known as Steve" post, I beg you. One of my all time faves.
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    To me it's more a matter of Colorado mishandling the situation so badly that they were put in this position in the first place. This is exactly what happens if you try and lowball good young talent. As a 21 year old he was putting up 50+ pts. and was one of the better defensive forwards in the league and his team wanted to hold his feet over the fire. There had to be a better way to satisfy him AND retain his services without completely alienating the kid. Sadly, Colorado management didn't seem up to the task.
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    Looking at what Quincey got is really not a good comparison due to his UFA status. UFA eligibility is a seriously negotiated term of the CBA as compensation coming out of UFA is significantly different than a RFA. That's just the way it is. It is something you need to "earn" - goes beyond just your ability on the ice. Danny has played a total of 76 games in the NHL, I'd be pretty hesitant in handing out a fat contract.
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    I love the LED dome up top. That will look REALLY cool on game night.
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    This is going to be great for the city of Detroit. I've been down there several times, and I personally love it there. Me and a few friends go down once or twice every year for the past 4 or 5 years to see games. I love the Joe and I'll be sure to visit it another half dozen times before the new arena is built but it surely will be missed. Not only is this going to be great for the city, it should also benefit the Red Wings in my opinion. Doesn't anyone believe that this new arena and entertainment district should be a huge attraction for future UFA's? I would have to believe it would. I'm sure most players would like to have a brand spankin new arena to play 41 plus games a year plus practice and train all season long. Add this to all the great prospects we have coming up over the next few years and the future is definitely bright in HockeyTown!
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    You are aware he offered a ton of money for Niskanen and more than Boyle received from the Rangers? Just because Holland doesn't know why free agents aren't coming here doesn't mean he hasn't been trying. Besides, how do you not classify Quincey as an overpriced UFA?
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    Quincey isn't a bad contract, it's only for 2 years. Niskanen and Orpik, are bad contracts.
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    After being in the West all these years it's about time.
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    All I know is let's get this season started...
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    I think the helmet one is dumb. If you're in your own end on a pk defending and someone checks you, knocks the helmet off, somehow you deserve a penalty because you don't want to leave your team even more shorthanded to go put the helmet back on or go back to the bench?