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    Red Wings sign Larsson to ELC Praise
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    As far as "real issues" go? NHL Parity vs NHL Not Parity > Global Warning LGWs: "Real talk, real issues"
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    Awesome news. He's been great at every level.. here's to hoping he can keep that up.
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    I picked Columbus to sweep this series. It appears my post got deleted, though.
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    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    In his last 14 playoff games, Kucherov has 2 goals, 5 assists, and is -10 This is the first time CBJ has won 3 games in a post season lol Starting to think Tampa won't sweep this series
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    At last! Something we can all agree on........
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    I remember when I used to start new threads
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    Oops, I just saw you posted this news in the goalie thread. Sorry, m8.
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    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. So now, for the second year in a row, a Leafs team that struggles on the defensive side of the puck will have to find a way to win some games against the Bruins without the aid of their go-to shutdown centerman, because he did something stupid.
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    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    3-0! Good for Columbus, they were buyers at the deadline and need this. Tampa learning 62 wins (asterisk) mean nothing.
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    NYI vs PIT - Series Thread

    Good for the isles, I picked them as my eastern conference team. Plus, f*** the pens.
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    Guy who loves to derail threads complains that thread is derailed. Classico! Oh no, things aren't going baby's way This message brought to by Jamie McLennan for prime minister
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    Hey, it's cool. Have at it!
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    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    I have witnesses, when the Leafs signed Tavares I said, "Why did they do that? They've upped the value of all their young stars. Matthews and Marner are going to want what Tavares makes, and Nylander can ask for a little less" They're stuck with Nylander now. Marner is worth draft picks, another team will sign him. I was reading Kadri has an in-person hearing with the league, which means he can be suspended for 5 games. Sounds to me like he's done for the series. The Leafs better calm down, and get back to the way they played in Game 1. Playing physical with the Bruins will get them no where. The Bruins star players can hit, the Leafs star players can't. Game 2 is how the Bruins want the series to be played.
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    Trudeau and the Liberals have destroyed Canada in four years. Hopefully we can vote his ass out in October. His supporters are leaving in droves daily. Globalist traitor commie trash.
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    Look at UK and France right now. UK: Oh the people voted wanna leave the EU? Ehhhh how about we just don't, what're they gonna do about it, shoot us? lol France: Oh the yellow vests are rising up? Ehhhh just send in the army, see how they feel about their movement and throwing rocks around when we point guns at them.
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    News From Around the NHL

    Sounds like Todd McLellan is the new Kings coach
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    News From Around the NHL

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    Looks like we have a goalie next year

    Take the craziest guy on your team, give him a bunch of padding, and tell him to stop pucks
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    I will never understand why people don’t do this. Hell I get there early to watch warmups even. Doesn’t matter if it’s college or NHL. I’m there to watch!