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    More like "Detroit takeover of cash-strapped Devils' captain".
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    Enjoy, I rarely read a whole lot of articles about anything in-depth these days but this is one is worth taking 10 minutes to look at. http://www.freep.com/article/20120617/COL01/206170619/Nicklas-Lidstrom-unplugged-Mitch-Albom-s-exit-interview-with-the-legendary-Red-Wing
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    Due to the desperation around the board to obtain Parise and Suter, really the only two high profile UFAs this year, I've seen figures all over the place on how high Holland should go. Realistically, what are they worth? When should Holland just walk away? Ryan Suter has never finished top three (or even top five) in Norris voting. Maybe he's just underrated, but last year, for example, he finished 15th in Norris voting. The most points he's ever had in a season is just 46 - one might say he's similar in offensive capabilities to Kronwall or Wideman, both of whom are around ~$5M. He's also largely considered to be the second best defenseman on his own team (which isn't necessarily a knock on him). With that said, he's a big hitter, has a great shot, and is only 27 years old. If push comes to shove, what is he worth? Is he worth the $7M+ that is being thrown around? Is he worth more than Chara, Keith, or Weber? Zach Parise is three seasons removed from scoring in the 40-goal/90-point range. He had 69 points last year in the regular season (his first after a huge knee injury), and just 15 points in 24 playoff games. His 31 goals are just 6 more than Hudler's 25, and 2 more than Franzen's (the LGW scapegoat) 29. Parise has a great work ethic, and is also known for his two-way game. However, one might argue (again) that he's not even the best forward on his own team, and his accomplishments to date don't rank him up with the league's elite. People have put huge price tags on his head - $7.5M-8M. Is he worth it? Crosby is rumored to be looking for $9M, Stamkos is locked up at $7.5M, Kovalchuk is locked up long term for $6.7M, etc. How high is too high? When does Ken Holland walk away, and think about pursuing Perry, Getzlaf, Iginla, etc. the following year? What do you think?
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    Yes please. Best third line center in the game when healthy.
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    (Almost forgot: *obligatory Girardi mention*)
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    That's what I'd put my money on too. Suter and Semin. I don't like Semin but It's not about what I like.
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    Honestly, I'd take Parise/Semin/Moen/Suter/Schultz/Harding as our new players...That's alot of signing and changes, especially for one off season, but Holland needs to make this big splash and prove to the NHL that Detroit is here to stay and will NOT rebuild, just reload! Get these guys signed up for years and then let the likes of Sheahan, Jarnkrok, Pulkkinen etc... slowly make their way into the lineup. ( I still cannot explain how imperative it is to get these kids under contract: Dekeyser, Schultz, Welsh, in a few years when Sheahan in up along with Smith leading the way, this Red Wings team will be young, fast and HARD to play against...Howard will be in his prime and our D will be young and tough along with the O.)
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    I'd rather have Semin at $7M than Franzen at $4M and Hudler at $4M...I am just tired of the same old garbage every year...Franzen is oft injured or playing at 60% and Hudler is not worth $4M-$5M on this team. I'd do not want Hudler in a house or with a mouse, I do not want him with a goat or on a boat, I do not want him Sam I Am...
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    2012-2013 Odds of winning the Stanley Cup

    Realistically Wings 16/1 Pens 16/1 SJ 16/1 Chicago 16/1 Vancouver 16/1 LA 16/1 NY 16/1 NJ 16/1 NSH 16/1 WSH 16/1 PHI 16/1 Boston 16/1 Blues 16/1 Tampa 16/1 Buffalo 16/1 Dallas 16/1 Today's NHL is a joke.
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    2012 General Offseason Signing Thread

    Damn phone uses auto correct.
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    when did nashville get the third kostitsyn brother,i thought they only had anderi and sergei on the roster
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    Bettman needs to do what Selig did/is doing to the Dodgers and "force" them to sell it.
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    Coming Soon: "The Bettman Division".
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    Isn't it the Devils' fault and not the league's for this circumstance?
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    Datyuk, Zetterberg, and Franzen all played in PROFESSIONAL hockey leagues (Swedish Elite League, and Russian Superleague) in their respective countries, it's misleading to suggest that they didn't have sufficient professional development. If Schultz wants to develop in the SEL or KHL instead of the AHL I'm fine with that too. The point is, he needs to prove himself in a professional league before being given a spot on an NHL roster.
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    Haha I didn't ignore it. I said the exact same thing on page three. Try actually reading the discussion before jumping into the middle of it and being argumentative. You might find that you've totally misunderstood the entire conversation from the beginning. All I've ever said was that he should be signed, given a try out in camp, and forced to earn his position on the Wings roster or else develop more in the AHL. Thanks for playing. Next.
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    Again, read through my posts, I don't disagree with you. I've said from the beginning that he should be offered a two way contract and given the opportunity to earn a spot in camp. But he absolutely should not be GUARANTEED NHL playing time without ever having played outside of the NCAA. That was what the whole debate was about from the beginning, whether or not he should be guaranteed playing time for the Red Wings as a condition for signing with the organization.
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    If you think the kid is good enough to be comparable to those players then by all means, your point is valid. I've heard nothing to suggest that he's as good as all that, so I'd rather see him develop first. I've said all along, if he's in the company of superstars at this stage in his career then give him a contract. However, based on the (limited) information I have about the kid, it doesn't seem like he's in that category.
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    Brendan Smith

    His goal for the summer is to add muscle without losing speed I would have added the article where Smith talks about his summer goals but I didn't want to go over the media limit
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    OH WHAT A KNEE SLAPPER THAT WAS! Them Pred's fan's are filled with gut bustin' jokes. BRAVO!!!! ...
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    I dont think so. Stuart is a proven veteran with a Stanley Cup ring. Schultz is a highly touted, but unproven prospect. It seems even to me. I think it's more likely that Holland isn't interested in Schultz.
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    15 years ago today

    He was under the influence. We get hits like that from Kronner. Imagine how good the D would have been if he didn't get in that limo
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    Lord Stanley's Mug

    Yuck! I don't want to see that. The cup doesn't belong in LA.
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    Power Play

    The best powerplays have the same things in common. On D you need a LH and RH shot. You need a F that can stand in front of the goal, and 2 other forwards that are good at passing AND shooting. We have some short comings here. Only 1 RH D on the team. Not sure who is going to stand in front of the net, and what F are great shooters? Great passing and plenty of LH D we have.
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    Zach Parise

    will be one and done if they even make the playoffs.] ."The Truth of Our Decline"