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    Datsyuk has given enough to us that he deserves to do what he can to be healthy. Whether that means sitting out wings games so he won't come back too much worse than he was after is fine. Hell be here for three years after this year. I trust hell do whats right, and honestly he's one of the best players and people to ever play the game. I'd support him through whatever.
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    You're right, that was pretty condescending. I apologize to everyone. I get a little frustrated with referee blaming, but that's not an excuse to be a d*ck. My bad.
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    What's wrong with Pasha? (Mod warning post #57)

    Sorry, but if he's too hurt to play for the Wings and takes the ice for Russia, that's a DB thing to do. Based on Babcock's comments, he's clearly not even close to being healthy. I don't care who you are or what the pressure is or what you've done in the past. It's disrespectful to the Wings, their management and the fans. I would think the same of any player no matter what country or team they played for.
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    It would suck, but I would do the same thing in his position. Olympics are a big deal. Hosting them is an even bigger deal. Representing your country as Captain is monumental, and it may very well be the last chance he gets at fighting for gold.
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    I'm a bit on the fence so stick with me here for a moment. I'm not defending the Refs, nor am I saying bad calls never happen. It is true it happens in all sports, It's bad in Baseball, it's bad in the NFL and they do have video replay which they review during challenges and still at times get it wrong. I don't know how often I am watching a game and I say to myself after a penalty is called "I need to see the replay, I didn't catch what happened." That's because one pair of human eyes can't watch what all 10 skaters are doing at one time on the ice. I understand it is their job, I get this is what they are paid to do, but until there are 6+ refs on the ice to catch everything, a ton of delays from conferences and discussions, or excessive video replays, i'll take the human error over what it could come down to which is a painstaking process to determine the validity of a minor penalty. They need to make snap decisions based on what they see at that time. The trip in overtime wasn't a great call, but it wasn't an awful call either. In the moment, the angle the ref is standing, and what the infraction appeared to be, you cannot fault the ref. There is such a fine line of determining right in that minute if the blade of the stick caught the skate or the skate caught the stick. Either way I doubt anyone here watching the game was 100% confident during live action as it happened before the replay was shown with absolute certainty it was or was not a penalty. This is the reality of sports, and being a sports fan. I don't want video review after every infraction. I don't want computers or technology determining what is and is not a penalty. I don't want to sit in front of the television for 10-15 minutes, have them cut to commercial break just to return to determine if a penalty is a penalty or not. That is a ridiculous concept coming from a hockey fan and a sports fan in general, it would slow the pace of the game, and just cause further drama and annoyance. It was one call in overtime in 1 of 82 regular season games. The refs aren't out to get the Red Wings, it's our viewpoint as fans to defend every action of our players at all times, more times than not because of our bias we won't agree with calls. So what can be done about the refs? As far as i'm concerned the system as it sits is fine. You take the good with the bad, sometimes it goes our way, sometimes it doesn't. This is how sports have always been and will continue to be.
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    Is this real life? Aflac' GDT are back!!!
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    This. I am just extremely happy he's signed for another 3 years. He could have just left us last year and went to Russia. Let him do his thing. We love Pasha too much to turn on him.
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    I don't remember saying there was an anti wings conspiracy, in fact I'm pretty sure I said I hate inconsistency both ways. My point was that they were clearly letting things go until suddenly they weren't, but that suddenly happened to be in OT causing a 4 on 3. The timing was stupid. I didn't say they missed calls because it was a fast game , I said they were intentionally not calling things and letting the players play. And the fact that it happens every game does not justify it, it's exactly my problem with it because it makes hockey aggravating to watch.
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    Crosbyyyyyyy!!!!! *shakes fist in despair*
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    The NHL reffing affecting the game

    Yeah, like say, oh, the puck going out of play and hitting the netting and going off the back of the goalie and tying the game in the last minute. But damn, why can't stuff like that ever happen to the Wings?!?! They clearly hate the Wings!
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    @dchesnokov: Asked Ovi if he's intentionally trying to scare Team USA players ahead of Sochi to give RUS advantage: "They're already scared." #Sochi2014 *eyeroll*
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    It’s not the number of penalties, it’s the timing. Today, Washington were given two early PPs to get rolling and one final PP to end the game. It reeks of being scripted. That being said, I love that The Red Wings don’t dive (usually), don’t whine, and have a coach that never uses officiating as an excuse. As a fan, I mostly try to follow suit, but sometimes it’s so ******* infuriating to watch.
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    The NHL reffing affecting the game

    There's no crying in hockey and I certainly don't believe in any referee bias. They miss things and sometimes let things go, but I don't believe it's based on bias. Smith was called in OT because his trip directly led to (or would have led to) a Wings scoring chance. You don't have to like it.
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    http://kuklaskorner.com/tmr/comments/audo-not-the-best-day-for-ken-holland Kids aren't the answer - Way to go Kenny
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    When's Babs' daughter get the call??? She was medically cleared in episode 2!
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    There was barely any contact. Not like he just set a pick on him basketball style. Sent from my SCH-545 using ClearyisGod
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    Wings penalty in 3...2...1... esteef
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    Nyquist and Tatar are really carrying this team of late. Thank God. Where would we be if Tatar and Nyquist had turned into busts like Brunner and Brunnstrom? Let's just take a second to really appreciate how we lucked out that they are legit players in their rookie years.
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    Almqvist or Backman

    Almquist is a RFA this summer. I could see him heading home. His offense isn't nearly good enough to make up for his defensive short comings. People want Kindl, Quincey, and Smith gone for their mistakes, Almquist is a good step worse than any of them.
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    It take Todd McLellan from the Sharks. Wings should have never let him go.
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    Cory Emmerton waived

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    Z and D for the C

    Cory Emmerton waived

    Something we're sorely lacking now. GOOD JOB HOLLAND
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    Wings to inquire about Vanek?

    As far as the kids (Tatar, Nyquist, Jurco, Mantha, DeKe, Shehan, Ouellet, Sproul) are staying I don't mind.
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    All movie Character team

    I agree with the original article, http://thehockeywriters.com/hockey-at-the-movies-the-ultimate-fictional-hockey-team/#sthash.MMLGdPY2.dpuf I'd scratch Bombay for the speedy Premature Ejaculator. "Stevie Weeks...The last addition to the Mystery, Alaska squad, Weeks was a teenager who skated the towns frozen river every morning. On a team full of speedsters, Weeks was clearly the fastest on the roster. Weeks play was impressive enough for the Rangers to sign him to a minor-league contract." - See more at: http://thehockeywriters.com/hockey-at-the-movies-the-ultimate-fictional-hockey-team/#sthash.MMLGdPY2.dpuf