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    What does a Abdelkader have to do to be demoted to a lower line? Apparently single-handedly losing a game wasn’t enough.
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    LOL that was my friend on my account, not me I didn't want to date her anyway *****
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    must...resist...urge...to...go...full...s***poster... must...keep...lgw.com...family-friendly... must...maintain...winning...culture...
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    The natural progression: 1. Blame 3rd pairing Dman 2. Blame coach 3. Blame goalie 4. Blame GM <--- you are here 5. Blame star players <--- Toronto, Ottawa, and Dallas are here 6. Blame Franzen <---- The Dalai Lama and Jesus are here
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    If we had every single piece we needed to contend then the rebuild would be complete and we wouldn't be having this conversation. We've got a very good up and coming team, with lots of talent at all positions (maybe outside of goalie). And Holland was able to do so without a single top five pick. That's pretty good work. Next you'll give him credit for building the Canadian Olympic team. Yzerman has done a fine job. But his job was made 100 percent easier by the fact that Stamkos and Hedman were already on the team when took the job. It's also worth noting that people have criticized Holland for years for already having Yzerman, Fedorov, and Lidstrom on the team when he became GM, which is true. But at least he won with the team he inherited. Stevie is still a little light on Cup wins as a GM for people to gush over him the way they do.
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    The 91 of Ryans

    Rumors Thread

    Sweet. Hronek 's barely a ppg player in the AHL anyway. Needs more time.
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    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    We have plenty "young goalies", just none that are close yet. I would say that any of Larsson, Petruzzelli or Eliasson have as good a shot as any young goalie prospect to become a quality NHL starter. Projecting goalies is near impossible, but I would say the probability of at least one of those three panning out is fairly high. I don't know how there's anyone still questioning Larkin being a legit 1C. He's not elite, but he absolutely is a number one center in the league. He's among the top 20-30 centers in just about every category, despite having relatively weak linemates. Imagine what he'd be able to do with an elite winger like Kucherov or Pastrnak. Hopefully he'll have one over the next couple years in Zadina, or Hughes / Kakko. He's still only 22 years old. Give him another year or two to continue his development, and some help on his wings, and he'll be over a point per game player for sure. The biggest holes on this team right now in my opinion are top six right-handed sniper, 2nd line center, number one defenseman, and number one goalie. The top six right-handed sniper is not currently in the system, so we'll have to acquire one through the draft, free agency or trade. I don't think the number one defenseman is in the system, but teams have proven they can win without an elite, number one defenseman, as long as they have four or five really good defensemen. I think we should have three in the three that you mentioned, and maybe the other is in the system as well, or maybe we'll get one in the upcoming draft. I think Veleno will become our number two center, and like I mentioned above, I think one of the goalie prospects currently in the system will develop into a number one goaltender. Holland has done a fantastic job the past couple years acquiring picks for the future. We had four picks in the top 36 last year and hopefully we'll have a similar number after the trade deadline again this year. If we can acquire another one or two picks in the top 40, and get lucky in the draft lottery (both likely), I really like our chances of filling another couple of those holes.
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    2018 Prospects Watch

    https://mobile.twitter.com/maineicehockey/status/1094392597554941952 Not a 2018 pick but chase Pearson just got his 15th .... zadina also scored for Grand Rapids on a Ppl https://mobile.twitter.com/griffinshockey/status/1094404637849989120 Zadina’s goal
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    HYPE! [insert catchphrase] LGRW!
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    me, too... it comes to mind almost daily, in my work. Please. Just drop the damned flare....
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    Next year we're gonna have to try a moms trip. Because I tell ya what, these dads ain't getting it done.
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    Kill a puppy. DeBrincat is from Michigan. I never get tired of hearing about all the really good Michigan-born players on all the teams that aren't based in Michigan.
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    It's funny. Before the game I was all "Eh, I'll be fine with a loss." But all the Chicago hate has come rushing back and now I want this win more than I've wanted a win in a long time. Too much mans on the slipfloor. PK.
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    Lyndon Slewidge from Ottawa = best hockey anthem singer ever...
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    Was just about to say. The Anthem is the only thing they do right.
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    Oh man, I'd already forgotten the dads thing is still a thing. Win it for the dads! (Or not! They'll love you either way! Maybe!)
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    Parents, it's 3 o'clock. Do you know where your children are?
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    looooooooooooooooooooooooooo sup. P.S. Hey @ChristopherReevesLegs, @puckloo39 just called you a waste of time. Are you gonna take that? (I'm investing in forum fights just in case today's game provides zero entertainment value.)
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    Blashill is #TeamTank, confirmed.
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    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    No player is "untouchable" in the true sense of the word. It's cliché, but true, if Gretzky can be traded, any player can be traded. I'm sure if Edmonton were offered Dahlin, Eichel, Mittelstadt, and a 1st round pick for McDavid and Lucic, they'd bite. Larkin is untouchable in the sense that there is no trade that another team would be willing to make that would make enough sense for us to pull the trigger. We're not getting Dahlin or McDavid for Larkin. Why would we want to trade him?
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    As the progressive think tank that we are, LGW should just start the fire stevie memes now so that we can continue to be light years ahead of the curve suck me HF boards
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    2C at best?? Larkin is a ppg 22 year old. He's absolutely a #1 center already and may still become "elite" in the near future. Watch a game. IDK what you're so convinced about with our future wingers. They are just as much a toss up as our goal prospects and D prospects. "Babs voice is stale, he needs to go in favor of Blashill" said all the dumbest Red Wings fans Ya'll will be calling to fire Yzerman within 2 seasons
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    The 91 of Ryans

    2019 Trade Deadline

    I think they ask more from him off-ice. For leadership. Like, it sounds like they like how he's liked. By the young guys.