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    TimeBinder got a reaction from Scott R Lucidi in Howard = Average   
    just can't stop thinking about that poor button
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    TimeBinder reacted to Akakabuto in 10/21 Wings - Sens   
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    TimeBinder got a reaction from Rick D in Provorov now this?   
    this is the saddest post i've seen in a while; please, just take it down  you speak out of ignorance and youth  
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    TimeBinder reacted to Axl Foley in Provorov now this?   
    What? You are too young to have witnessed it, but vets were absolutely discriminated against who came home from the Vietnam War. And the way the VA cares for veterans now is tantamount to the same thing. And if a player refused to wear a military jersey or one honoring Cops, the league would not do anything, and the wokies would hypocritically applaud their"courage".
    Also, the alphabet community is not oppressed. They have the same civil rights and government protections as any other group.
    And it's not about "equality" or "acceptance" anymore either. That already exists. It goes beyond that. It's about cramming an ideology down the throats of others, and chastising those that don't embrace it.
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    TimeBinder reacted to The 91 of Ryans in New New Prospects Thread   
    Haven’t even got to his command of the English language yet…
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    TimeBinder got a reaction from Wait&Sneed in Red Wings players / prospects on loan   
    why are you hijacking this thread with relevant info - rather than debating the worth of a prospects ability of being a 3c ugh?!
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    TimeBinder reacted to LeftWinger in 2020 Draft Thread   
    too many commercials now, I'll hang for the 70th, but it's time to go do adult things... (mow lawn (3 acres) for maybe the last time this year.))
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    TimeBinder got a reaction from Jonas Mahonas in 2018 Prospects Watch   
    When the hell did this music video thing spring up?  Can we keep it on topic plz - prospects. 
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    TimeBinder reacted to LeftWinger in Rumors Thread   
    Am I alone in thinking that Ken Holland is getting passed over or hung up on? Plus all these lottery teams are getting a s*** ton of draft picks! MTL now has 4 2nd round picks! There goes all our good choices!

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    TimeBinder got a reaction from Euro_Twins in Strange Red Wings trade rumor video.   
    I always hate a beeate down lol.  Elon warned us; AI - the downfall of humans has begun!
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    TimeBinder reacted to DickieDunn in [TRADE] Scott Wilson to the Buffalo Sabres   
    He probably told Holland he's not playing for an idiot coach anymore
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    TimeBinder reacted to DickieDunn in Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil   
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    TimeBinder reacted to Dominator2005 in Red Wings sign D Luke Witkowski to 2 year, 750k/yr contract. Will play as F.   
    Wanna be Norton 2.0
    Makes sense for KH
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    TimeBinder got a reaction from Hockeymom1960 in 03/26 GDT: Wild versus Red WIngs - 12:30 pm   
    Errorson isn't in the line up & he has around 12-14
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    TimeBinder got a reaction from hardcoretom21 in 03/26 GDT: Wild versus Red WIngs - 12:30 pm   
    Who?  Does he play for us?
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    TimeBinder reacted to Y19 in 02/12 GDT : at Minnesota Wild 6, Red Wings 3   
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    TimeBinder reacted to DickieDunn in Here's a very blunt read.............   
    You realize that's only 3 years, right?
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    TimeBinder reacted to krsmith17 in Kyle Quincey   
    Quincey scored a beauty last night.. Unbelievable ability to find the puck in his skates, kick it from one foot to the other, up to his stick for the wide open net. May be the nicest goal I've ever seen him score...
    Check it out...
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    TimeBinder reacted to Datsyukian-Deke in Detroit trades Datsyuk to Arizona   
    What people don't realize is Bowman laid the groundwork for this trade years ago
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    TimeBinder reacted to Dominator2005 in ECQF Game 1 Post-GDT: at Tampa Bay 3, Red Wings 2   
    It's clear that we need Cleary
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    TimeBinder got a reaction from RedWingsRox in 4/9 GDT : at Rangers 3, Red Wings 2   
    What an absolute abortion of a performance. They should not be in the playoffs. The puck looked like they were playing with a rubber ball. The constant back pass to the rangers(or any pass for that matter). Looked like watching peewee hockey for most of the time. so sad - team needs an overhaul-clean house - why the hell isn't Tangrandi brought up yet we get Anderson(again) - too much to state what was wrong - ugh - what a mess - first round punching bag - oh well
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    TimeBinder got a reaction from roboturner in 3/6 GDT : Detroit Red Wings at Chicago Blackhawks, 5:00PM EST   
    off goes the game - on goes the xbox - not going to watch a s*** game - they don't have it
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    TimeBinder reacted to DickieDunn in D-Boz tearin 'em up in the D!   
    Who the hell is D-Boz?
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    TimeBinder reacted to Vladiator in Wings open to trading Mantha and/or their 1st Round Pick   
    I think they are afraid that Babs wants Cleary to sign with the Leafs.
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    TimeBinder reacted to 55fan in Free agents this off season   
    Dan Cleary.
    Actually, I was wondering the same thing. Is there a good place to find all that info now that capgeek is no more?