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    Rumors Thread

    Justin Faulk with a natural hat trick last night. Just sayin'.
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    Kings had been interested in Phaneuf for some time now. Gaborik is probably going to retire. Doesn't really set the market value for Green, but it's the first big trade domino to fall, which is good.
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    This trade would be a big deal if this was like, ten years ago.
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    Anyone who has Phaneuf on their team always ends up getting fleeced. The guy is a trash defenseman that's overpaid and brings bad luck whereever he goes.
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    How does one vet with a bad contract for another vet with a bad contract set the bar for Green?
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    manssiere* f*** beat me to it. damn your super fast Mexican interwebs
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    As you've said in the past, we're certainly due for a nice success story on the back end. Maybe Hronek is the one? Filip Hronek: Future Red Wings Defenseman [The Hockey Writers] Just speaking anecdotally, I love his positive attributes, love the way he plays the game. Really tantalizing combination of supreme skating ability and gamebreaking offensive prowess -- the kind of package and potential we as Wings fans want in the pipeline. To my eye, he's looking more like an AHL veteran than a rookie; for someone with only one OHL season under his belt, he's surprisingly assertive and effective in driving play, creating plays, finishing plays, making his teammates better. IMO, he's our #1 defense prospect right now.
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    It probably wont. With our luck
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    Amazes me to this day that Wings fans welcomed the leaving of babcock. Morons. We have them to blame for Blashill.
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    I thought Mrazek stole the job, but I was wrong
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    Phenuef has 4 years left, and for LA has a caphit of 5.25 Gaborik also has 4 years left for Ott, and has a caphit of 6.5 (if you consider the 1.75mil being retained. I take Pheneuf at 5.25 over Gaborik at 6.75 every time. Are Thompson or Shore the difference makers here? I know nothing about them.
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    AND they retained 2mil. I think Ottawa got fleeced.
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    Watching Blashill's postgame is like seeing a poop on a stick explain how it got there...
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    Clearly I meant the one bad game during his past great stretch. Without that game he allowed 9 goals in 6 starts with two shutouts and a 1.30 GAA. This is Jimmys best game since the 13th of January. Take it easy now.
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    Crap for crap. No winner here. Phaneuf cost the Sens a lot awhile back, but he isn’t worth near that anymore. Never was.
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    Even more impressive considering his slow start this season. He's currently on a 5 game point streak with 7 points (3 goals, 4 assists) in that time. Future top 4 defenseman in Detroit. He may even get a look this season (after the deadline).
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    Celebrating a birthday today, totally forgot about fat tuesday, but hey, another excuse to drink is always welcome
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    Anyone stop and think, once Green is gone, Daley will probably be the best Dman on this team?
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    BT's strip club in Dearborn. Has a knack for drinking too much while there and getting caught by cops.
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    whats mickey redmond upto i wonder he scored 50 when he played, dad said he was pretty good until the injury