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    Well this is fun Okay, it's forum game time, get your beers. I spy with my little eye, a team that really sucks. Who is it?
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    Should have kept Howard in there. Repay Montreal for that time the Red Wings forced Patrick Roy to ask for a trade. It's sad that Howard will end up staying in Detroit longer than Sawchuk or Osgood. He's like a growth on our hip.
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    5 goal 3rd period comeback incoming
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    Who needs defense, it's free goal night! EVERYONE GETS A GOAL!!!
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    Is it too late to have another trade deadline?
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    Zadina has had a few good looks.
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    Good start, prepping for an epic 3rd period comeback
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    Meme magic is real. Bowey bobble leads to Shaw goal. 0-2.
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    Nah that poster wore 91. He was the 91 of Ryans.
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    Wings are big, fat, lazy, sucky babies... man up and play, gentlemen.
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    Ottawa and LA are doing much worse right now Ottawa losing 7-2 and LA losing 6-0
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    they hope for a 5 goals comeback in the 3rd facing price my bad make it 4
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    He probably regrets the idea of demanding not to be moved...
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    That was one of the recent blowout losses. Can't remember if it was this season or last season but basically we played them on the anniversary of that fateful night and they absolutely obliterated us.
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    The "Wings Get Scored on While FS-D Is Doing Their Stupid Interview Window Thing That No One Asked for and No One Likes" curse strikes again. 0-3.
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    Imagine losing 8 straight games to a bunch of Frenchies. Geez Louise. Have some frking pride, boys. If you won't do it for yourselves and you won't do it for your fans, do it for your country.
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    not sure might be because of cleary latter years. remember seeing 11 and cringing a lot
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    And five years from now he'll probably be forced out of town. It's the circle of liiiiiiiiife...
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    Anyone else hoping to see Witkowski punch Domi Jr's head a few times?