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    I'm pretty sure I drop that many f bombs during a visit with my grandparents. I'm starting to think I should reevaluate my life. I'm really torn with this show. One part of me wants access to every single second of every locker room moment from arriving at the rink to dressing for the game to intermission tongue lashings to post game showers to getting in their cars to go home. The other part of me feels it's intrusive and getting in their heads and leave my team alone and let them focus on playing dammit and wow what an invasion of privacy. Not to mention the stuff they're showing isn't all that illuminating. I did enjoy the Babs portions of the show, but feel like they're focusing too much on the coaches and not enough on the players. We're halfway through now, hopefully these last 2 eps pick up...
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    Inside a Hockey Ref's Game

    Ever been curious what it's like to be a Hockey Ref? A linesman gets a GoPro attached to him during a Charlotte Checkers home game, giving us a look at what a Ref's job entails. WARNING, there is some swearing so probably NSFW.
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    Or show Zetterberg a little. He is the captain. I know he's hurt, but he's still around the team, right? Especially for home games.
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    i wish we saw more from detroit than babcock, abdelkader, alfy and smith.
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    Surely there will be an adjustment period when he returns. At the very least, he'll be rusty. As for this being the last straw for him, I don't think I can get behind that, because 1) you can't really do anything about injuries like this one (this isn't something Weiss should be reprimanded and held accountable for), and 2) it's possible he's been dealing with this, in some capacity, for longer than we might think. Is it just a coincidence that he started decently (at least in the effort and sticking-with-it department) but at some point became more like a zombie than an actual hockey player? Maybe, maybe not. Personally, I like the idea that this issue first popped up as the injuries were really starting to mount, so he felt obligated to suck it up and stick it out and step it up to cushion the blow of losing Zetterberg et al. - a decision which, while admirable, ultimately aggravated his condition and brought him to where he is now.
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    It's a Canadian, specifically a Leafs broadcast... Get over yourself. The Red Wings broadcasts are biased I don't see you complaining about that.
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    Looks like 10 Samuelssons.
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    I am finding myself liking Carlyle a whole bunch and Babcock saying his 16 yr old daughter was ready vs. Sammy was great
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    Really? That's what this show is all about our chance to see what happens behind the scenes even the bad stuff.
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    I can understand Babs wanting to have privacy, but then again what's the point of this series if we as fans can't see him calling out players for poor play? I also agree with others that the Leafs are a more interesting bunch thus far in the series...All these Euros are boring
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    Dude , there isn't a pre-writen script. They're not actors, they're hockey players who aren't used to their everyday conversations being filmed, which is why some of it seems awkward. And yes professional athletes and coaches are known to drop quite a few F bombs in the heat of the moment, I don't know why you're having such a hard time accepting that.
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    Way too much on the coaches. I wanna see the players, with alot more datsyuk/zetterberg spotlights. So far the toronto side has been much more entertaining in almost every aspect.
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    The Leafs victory song is a song by Miley Cyrus. They don't deserve a cup for another 40-whatever years.
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    I'd like to see Sheahan some more, I think he provides way more then Andersson does.
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    Toronto overachieved in the beginning of the season. The give up tons of shots against, they have the most giveaways in the league, they have awful center depth... even when they were winning a lot there were many people who said it wasn't going to hold up. I wouldn't be completely shocked if they end up missing the playoffs as there are some teams starting to heat up while the Leafs look like they're out of luck. Wings are easily a better team when at full strength.
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    Has there ever been a fight in women's hockey where the helmet and gloves actually come off? No, Semin doesn't count. lol
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    Looks like women fighting over a TV on Black Friday
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    Obligatory venomous mention of Jason F***ing Williams.
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    Easily Mikael Samulsson. He drives you insane game after game, then he does stuff like this and forces everyone to choke down some crow for a while http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xO_57ZN4Oo Then he drives you insane for another year, then does stuff like this and forces you to choke down some more crow. He's been trolling us for a while has our Sammy
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    Darryl Sutter's take on the Penalty Box.

    I agree it's not the dumbest, but it's up there. I think instead of the penalty box we should suspend players in the air and lower them when penalty expires.
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    Babcock's Job?

    Even with such an outstanding roster, winning the gold medal infront of the home crowd is not that easy. So no, any non pro coach claiming they would have won it with this team too, is getting a bit over themselves. Team USA had a guy named Ryan Miller playing out of his mind. Yes, it is easier to coach a bunch of allstars and future HoFers but if they aren't instructed well enough nothing will come out of it, as shown by Team Canada during last years WJC. Babcock has his flaws just like every other coach, gm but the guy damn well knows his business, otherwise there is no way someone could have had such an impressive set card as a coach. Making the playoffs last year almost was a miracle, lately his GM really has let him down in terms of player personal, he can only work with what Kenny is giving him. Personally I like Tippet and i think he is a great coach, but for whatever reason I feel like the guy is made for non major hockey-markets. His systems are simple, yet hard to defeat and he can get a bunch of average NHLers to play above their skillset for him but he certainly can't get top players to reach the next level. As for Babcocks replacement when the time is right, I would like to see Carlyle or Barry Trotz.
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    Babcock's Job?

    We can look at wins, Stanley Cups, gold metals etc, but I think last year's cup run was really a testament to Babs' coaching skills. That roster had no business competing for the Stanley Cup and they eliminated the heavily-favorited Ducks and sent the Cup-winning team to OT of game 7.
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    Jurco Called Up

    Would like to see Jurco and Tootoo both in the full healthy lineup. Wishful thinking. Jurco; He's looked solid, real good speed, goes hard to the net, uses his body hasn't made many , if any defensive errors. He seems ready to make an impact. This team lacks solid wingers. He could fit nicely in that role.
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    I am ready for some Mantha next season...seriously.
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    Babcock's Job?

    They made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs and brought the cup champs to an intense game 7. They are hammered with important player injuries and are on a small losing skid because of it. Coaching only can do so much, considering the circumstances it would be pretty unfair to Babcock at this moment to even consider this his fault and jeopardize his job due to reasons beyond his control. Plus, I sound like a broken record here as I keep saying this, this team is still sitting 6th in the East and that's pretty damn impressive all things considered to be in a playoff position. Granted the Wings lead the league in OT loss points, but in this modern NHL points are points and that's what determines the overall standings. There is one resolution here, it's not the coach, it's not the GM, it's the injuries. Get healthy, and they begin to play better.