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    Proud to be.....

    I've always been proud to be a Wings fan. Classiest organization in all of sports, great leadership, passionate fan base, original six. Pride has always followed this organization....YZERMAN playing on one knee to lead his team and then him handing that cup to Konstintinov to show his dedication to such a brave man. The way that Zetterberg carried this team on his back to win 4 huge games to get into the playoffs last year. The medical staff, players and coaches who literally saved Jiri Fischers life on the bench after his collapse. There is a lot to be proud of a team so rich in history and yet, somehow i find myself in disbelief about that this current team has done. Three weeks ago this team was in 11th....certain to break the 22 year consecutive years to the post season. Things looked dismal and everyone was critical. Great teams have great players and usually a 1-2 punch. Perry and Getzlaf, Crosby and Malkin, Kane and Toews.....Zetterberg and Datsuyk. Only, we no longer have that 1-2 punch. We have the second most man games lost, but no team has had to endure losing such impact players. We have 6 guys that didn't start the year with this team but will not go down. They are relentless. I keep waiting for Nyquist to be a fluke.....and he has just gotten better. A kid who wasn't on the roster when the puck dropped on then season and he leads the league over the last month in goals? That's fairy tale stuff.....and it's happening right before our eyes, every time this team plays. How about Glendening? This kid wasn't even a thought at the start of the year...now he's up against the top lines of teams shutting it down. Tatar, the day he lost his dad, kissing up to the sky in admiration, playing with a heart as heavy as an anvil......I could go on and on about the pride I feel in this organization and they way that they have overcome adversity. I think we will make the playoffs...I know we WILL but even if we don't. Even if somehow the bounces don't go our way and we find ourselves out of the race April 13th, this team...this unbelievably dedicated, classy and big hearted team has made me prouder to be a wings fan......that's a lot to say in such a consistently successful organization. Good on ya boys......" Dont stop believin'" and we will be just fine!!!!! LGW!!! 23 all the way!
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    I hope Jarnkrok becomes a nobody for the simple fact that I don't want to read about this trade for the next 18 years of his career.
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    rick zombo

    Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

    ^ There is ZERO chance that Sheahan is not on next year's opening roster. ZERO. ZERO
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    Dear Twitter Douchebros, Please explain to me how Kronwall is a "*****" for not fighting and taking a penalty after delivering a clean hit? Why should he? Isn't your guy the "*****" for not being able to take a good hit? And also, what does delivering a good hit have to do with having sex with other men? Did he hit him with his penis? Good lord, hockey "fans" are the worst...
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    These sons of ******* keep winning every freakin' time I don't watch, so I keep not watching. I'm forced to record the replay on FSD at midnight and watch the next day, because hockey gods know I can't record the original game or they lose as well. I'm taking a lot more than one for team here. That Nyquist goal is phenomenal!
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    I'm a swede, how can I help you??
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    Eaves’ place? LOL Since this is a discussion forum, I respect your opinion, but with all due respect, I think your evaluation of this team is a little off if you have Sheahan on the bench.
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    I didn't see Wings3:16 claiming this image as his own, that he made it, or it was his original work. Following the link on both Reddit and Imgur there are no privacy claims or restrictions, usage rights, or copyright attached to this. The original poster of the work never requested credit for usage of this GIF. Therefore, it's not stealing or theft when it is an image provided for public use with no restrictions attached to it. On top of that, it was built at GIFSoup which is basically a "Stick a head on this animation" kind of site and it likely took him all of 2 minutes to create. Point being, there is no problem here and declaring it "stealing" is incorrect.
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    Ovie looks like he needs to poop. lolz Washington Craps lolz
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    I can't stop watching it lol.
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    3/30 GDT - Lightning 2 @ Red Wings 3

    I lost internet and TV halfway through the third. It happened on a Bolts shot from the point on one of their 37 power plays. It looked to me like it went in, and I was stressed the f*** out. Fortunately I was able to get a signal on a tablet and follow along with NHL.com's boxscore thing. Then the Bolts scored and I had a heart attack. Then the time tracker stopped with 16 seconds left and it stayed there for about 90 years. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, heart doing the Alien chest-burster thing, sweating bullets. Then, "3-2 FINAL." And there was much rejoicing. What's in your wallet?
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    This thread is still going? My god...
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    3/30 GDT - Lightning 2 @ Red Wings 3

    Just gettin it rollin since nobody made graphics.
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    Better than most staged fights...
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    So I've been saying for years now that aliens are real, and I think it's pretty damn obvious that Gustav Nyquist is some sort of higher being that cannot be stopped. The proof is right in front of us people.
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    The state of Michigan needed some good news today
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    Abby letting Tampa know if you go after Nyquist, we go after Stamkos. So f*** off.
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    Baby Goose doesn't say such swears.Edit: I can't stop singing Oak Ridge Boys when they show/talk about Barberio send help please
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    9 game point streak, 13 points during that stretch. Nyquist is the sole reason why we are still contending for a playoff spot, tremendous how he's stepped up during these rough times.
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    You keep saying this, but when was the last time the wings gave up a top prospect? Shawn Mattias for Bertuzzi? That was 7 years ago and the wings now keep picks and prospects. I honestly don't know how I feel about the trade - possible present gain for possible future sacrifice. But to claim that the Wings need to be taught a lesson about giving up prospects seems incongruous with management's recent history.
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    Son of a Wing

    Avery vs. Brodeur

    So Brodeur can make fun of Avery's personal life but Avery can't attack him back? The whole thing is childish and Brodeur should know better...he had it coming this time...