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    IIHF World Championships

    Apparently Kazakhstan is not as good as Tampa Bay.
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    After the way they finished the last few months of the regular season, I doubt anyone was underestimating them. Its not even Crosby really, he did very little in this last series. It's not Malkin either, it's that second line of Kessel, Bonino, Hagelin and the goaltending of Murray. That second line gave them the depth they needed to compliment the stars and Murray is like the anti-Fleury. Murray has every reason in the world to meltdown and does not, while Fleury has a meltdown several times in a playoff season. Interesting little fact. The Stanley Cup champion in 1976 had a rookie goalie. The Stanley Cup champion in 1986 had a rookie goalie. The Stanley Cup champion in 2006 had a rookie goalie. Now it's 2016 and there's a rookie goalie that's on a huge hot streak. We need to start a rookie goalie in 2026.
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    New arena construction updates

    You should use that drone to spraypaint a Red Wings logo over the Little Caesars logo once the arena is finished
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    Kari Let-it-in
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    IIHF World Championships

    Sarcasm aside Nyquist has looked really good in the WC so far.
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    Would the Stars give us anything for Howard?
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    Name That Band

    The Commodores?
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    There was one in 2002 that was pretty ace
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    $5 says Hitch is gonna head out to a steakhouse after the game tonight, and enjoy himself...And I would too.
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    Salary cap relief? Howard to Dallas + Dats contract to Arizona = an opportunity to sign Stamkos.
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    Lehtonen is lehtonemin
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    2-0 Blues so far. Keep that skate on the throat. Scratch that...still 1-0 Blues. Stars got lucky there.
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    Random Discussion Thread

    4 of my uncles had a Beatles cover band back in the day.
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    IIHF World Championships

    I will also add that although there might not be a correlation. Between his early struggles and later production Datsyuk worked on his strength and conditioning and went from about 178 lbs to 195 lbs. Nyquist gets swatted like a fly. So maybe he should work on getting stronger so he can create his own space like D and Z learned to. The whole Tyler Johnson strategy doesn't work for everyone.
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    IIHF World Championships

    Sweden won over Kazakhstan 7-3. Gustav Nyqvist had a hat trick and an assist. A glorious display!
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    Be careful Rich, people may take that as you "over-hyping" Mantha... F*** it! Mantha has impressed big time in these playoffs. He has been one of the most dangerous players on the ice in both series'. I've also been very impressed with Bertuzzi and his knack for scoring clutch goals. I still stand by Sproul being one of our better defesnemen down there along with Russo. Ouellet hasn't stood out at all, and unfortunately aside from the game winner last night, Athanasiou has been lackluster at best...
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    Did Washington even touch the puck in overtime?
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    C'mon Blues you can do this!!
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    song title game

    I miss Layne Working on the Highway-Springsteen