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    you gotta leave it now.Just say it's because of the working piwerplay, and if it works, then you may have to stick with it.
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    Lol Brown's an idiot. Good on Jimmy to give him a few punches to the face too
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    Yes I do want them to make the playoffs.
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    Do or die, win these games and make the playoffs boys. LGW!!!
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    You're welcome bud,..👖
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    Nyquist scores.... We score a power play goal... Ericsson not visibly terrible yet...
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    If they make the playoffs, they deserve to. I don't get this.
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    blashill should resign in between periods
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    This team plays with me way too much. I went from being very disappointed down 0-2, to being overly happy now at 3-2... Please don't let them score the rest of this game.
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    Is this the real life?
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    And New Jersey took the lead 2-1 over Boston with 15 left in the 3rd period!
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    What's the approximate size of Browns Brain?
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    Well tonight it might be!
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    That's how you ******* respond. Pound Emelin's face in, and then score on the PP.
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    more of the type of player this team needs
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    Got no problem with what Abby did there. Good on him.
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    I much prefer the streak over losing on purpose for a better draft pick. So... I give a s*** about the streak.
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    Yes, I do. I'm so sick of hearing about the stupid streak. Who gives a s*** about the streak? It's like that's all the wings are playing for. The streak means jack s*** when this team, even if they do somehow make it into the playoffs can't hold any lead and has no compete level. The streak means nothing when we'll get dominated in the first round. Miss the playoffs and start playing to win in the playoffs instead of just extending the streak and calling it a day. They say they're not playing just to make the playoffs and that they want to win the cup but it's complete bulls***.
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    This guy is playing good enough for a....shutout!
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    Mrazek and Larkin carried this team the first half of the season. Neither has played this much hockey at this level before. It is of no shock they have little left at this point in the season. Tired kids and old vets are our best players. Neither able to carry the team a full season. The only positive is that Mrazek and Larkin will be much better next season because of it.
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    He'll come around but it's not the right time see which game. Totally think Petr should be benched rest of the season. For the sake of the team. I have nothing against Mrazek. He's my favorite goalie (besides Quick) Yep I started it. I love Petr. I strongly think he'll win the Vezina one day.
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    I know I jinxed the crap out of Petr lol.
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    A historically great goalie once said about roy, this guy's garbage you can trade him...Goalies are odd people man.