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    The 91 of Ryans

    Mid Season Grades

    @Scott R Lucidi F- @mackel F+ @Motor City Mullets C @Troy McClure Z +/- @88Kaner bot score @Akakabuto and @marcaractac Poor attendance - N/A @kipwinger C @Axl Foley D (as in dikhed) @AtlantaHotWings C @Y19 B @Rick D B @TLGTrico C+ @rick zombo A+
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    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    banging bedards dad
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    Perron with the ENG! Victory! Wings win 5-2! Something special about handing the Bruins BOTH of their two regulation losses!
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    2023 Offseason Thread

    A review of this years UFA class: 1. Alex Debrincat Class: xXx_ELITE_Sniper_xXx Strengths: 360 no-scope head shots Weaknesses: Smol cuterino 2. JT Compher Class: Old Fren Strengths: Will aid in you in your quests. Can call on him anytime. Always picks up the phone. Thank you fren. Weaknesses: Knows all your secrets 3. Klim Kostin Class: Soviet heavy tank Strengths: Drunk and violent Weaknesses: Violent and drunk 4. Daniel Sprong Class: Divorced middle-aged father Strengths: Not actually divorced, middle-aged, or a father. Master of disguise, which he uses to fool opponents. Weaknesses: Not actually a master of disguise, just aging very badly for a 26 year old. 5. Christian Fischer Class: Acquaintance Strengths: Gives you the silent downward acknowledging head nod that all men do when you pass by each other, and doesn't push your relationship farther than that. Weaknesses: Just some guy at the office that you're aware of. You have no idea what he does there and often forget his name. 6. Shayne Gostisbehere Class: Ghost Bear Strengths: Can pass through walls and will bring you salmon Weaknesses: Your trash bins are flipped over every morning 7. Justin Holl Class: Bad defenceman Strengths: Makes your other defencemen look good Weaknesses: Makes your defense look bad 8. James Reimer Class: Cleric Strengths: Hates rainbows Weaknesses: Has none since he accepted Jesus and Mel Gibson into his heart
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    Eddog vs. Seider

    I don't care whether Seider fights or not, but I do wish Kostin/Fischer/Chiarot would have beat the sh*t out of someone last night. Both Fabbri and Larkin got hit hard in the numbers. Would have liked to see some kind of response there.
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    2023 Offseason Thread

    I get lots of stuff wrong, so let me bask in the glow of having gotten this right.
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    10/21 Wings - Sens

    This one feels good. This one feels really, really good.
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    10/21 Wings - Sens

    Another great game! Straight up had a good time!
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    12/12 GDT - Wings @ Blues (7:30 PM EST)

    Hey, look who we found!
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    Veleno is stepping up in a big way.
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    I heard he had a deal done w Chicago, but he backed out at the last minute because he was afraid Perry would bang his mom.
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    2023 Offseason Thread

    This is another instance in which I don't think we're seeing the same things. I saw Berggren making plays all over the ice that his linemates couldn't finish, not the other way around. At one point his linemates were Zadina and Veleno, there was no chance either of those dudes were finishing the plays he set up.
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    SY or Mo: Who Changed Everything?

    It's all Stevie Y, and Mo is a product of him. That said Mo is a generational talent. I stand by that. He's 22 and arguably one of the best Dmen in the league. He's on pace to shatter hitting and blocked shot records. He also scores points if that matters. We drafted our own Chelios. 53 is going to end up in the rafters one day.
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    2023 Offseason Thread

    I respect everyone's opinions on this. But I'm prepared to throw down over this. Or at least rant a bit. My opinion: We need scoring punch in the worst way, and we've needed it in the worst way for the better part of a decade, and we've had all these draft picks and all these prospects and all these free agent opportunities and all these trade opportunities......... .........yet somehow we still desperately need scoring punch. I wanted Matthew Tkachuk. "Too expensive," people said. OK. Fair enough. But if you want a bigger, grittier, more complete version of DeBrincat, you're basically looking for a unicorn - unless you want to pay out the ass, or unless you get really lucky in the draft. I think the time's come for us to get serious about really, truly moving forward. I love David Perron - but I hate that he's one of our top two wingers at this stage of the rebuild. It's unacceptable to me. We've got a lot of good young players in our system right now, that's true. And that's good. And we'll need them to be good. And they probably will be good. But there's no rule that says we can't trade for other teams' young players. We can sit here and say "Nah, f*** this goal-scoring punk. If he REALLY wants to be a Wing, he'll sit out for a year and wait until free agency next summer." And we can watch that ship sail away. And that will be the 415th ship we've watched sail away since the start of this rebuild - because "Nah it just didn't make sense for us, given where we're at. I'd rather we do the other thing [which we won't end up doing]." And we can spend another year losing close games because we can't score goals. Or......................... ...............we can say "F*** the police" and grab the 25-year-old right-shooting goal-scoring winger right now and sign him to a big deal and take our chances with that investment. "But do you really want to chance it?" Yes, I do. We have all the cap flexibility an organization could ever want. All the money in the Bertuzzi fund can now be used for other stuff. All the money in the Vrana fund can now be used for other stuff. And we also have draft capital. "Yeah, but our young guys are going to start eating up cap space really quickly." Maybe they will, maybe they won't. What I care about now is getting solid footing. Tangible things. Known things. Alex DeBrincat has scored 40 goals twice. He's a natural scorer. He can and will put up points. These are known things. I don't want to go through the motions for another 82 games and accept that we don't need to ice the best damned lineup we can ice "because it's just not time yet. I think we need at least one more really good draft." We've been saying "We just need one more really good draft" for the past 500 years. Enough already! If we can land DeBrincat without giving up our 1st, I think that's a major coup. Pick a name out of a hat for that pick. Let's call it Nate Danielson. If we land DeBrincat and Nate Danielson, I think that's bloody fantastic. All of a sudden we're talking about Larkin, Kasper, Danielson, Veleno down the middle. All of a sudden we're talking about flanking those guys with DeBrincat, Raymond, Mazur, et al. I don't want to wait a second longer than we have to on taking the next step. I don't want to rush it, but I do want to push it. I don't want our young leaders to grow any more accustomed to losing than they already are. We need to start winning games. We need to start doing that whole "winning culture" thing now - not two or three years from now. So. Give me a proven scorer. Who's 25 years old. And who shoots right. And who's from Detroit. [/rant]
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    GDT 1/14 - Things vs Laughs

    The Ol' Juck ******* Pott trick, eh?
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    GDT 1/14 - Things vs Laughs

    Copp! Rayzor ENG!    
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    Brilliant decision to not dress Kostin against one of the most physical teams in the league
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    New New Prospects Thread

    Good night for Red Wings prospects so far tonight. Edvinsson with two goals, Sodorblom, Berggren, Johansson, and Kasper with assists. Cossa with 35 saves on 36 shots. Elsewhere, Nate Danielson has 3 assists.
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    Is this real? BTW, you can tell Wings are getting more interesting, we are seeing users we haven't seen in a long time! Welcome back! We've tried our best to keep this place going while you were gone!
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    We need a goalie not a broken down winger with a billion miles on the odometer. We also need to send one of our old broken down D-Men to Siberia and bring Edvinsson up permanently.
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    Jonas Mahonas

    Winged Wheel Podcast

    I need to look into how to do this. I'm 47 years old, so this isn't as simple for me. But it would be cool if I hosted it. "Good afternoon, fellow Red Wings Fans AKA Complete Retards. Today, we're going to be talking about Jakub Vrana. Sixer, let's talk about his cocaine habit and whether or not he can hide it from the boss. I don't think so, but why don't you let us in a little bit on your knowhow here." "Well, Jonas. It's only easy to conceal if you're not doing 50 grams a week. Sneaking an 8 ball into a club now and then is as easy as wearing a third sock on one of your feet and nobody noticing. But he must be ingesting an enormous amount for him to be this lethargic, lazy, and suck this much without it." "Interesting. Is Marc still on the line?" "Yah, he's been waiting for 20 minutes. Want to go to him now?" "Marc, tell us what you think about the Jakub "The Iceman" Vrana." "Well, I ..." "Thanks Marc. Good input as always. Now, onto the Carley vs Daniella - Who's more bangable and why debate. I'm going to have to take this one seeing as FMichael hasn't had sex in 6 years, and 6er and Akabuto are both ***. I'm gonna go with Daniella here. Let me tell you why ..."