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    Except that is essentially what he means by saying we should probably expect less. He just added, "but hey, try to look on the bright side." It doesn't matter what he says. You can lie to yourself and pretend there's some particular turn of phrase that's going to make you happy, but there isn't. If he says we need stars, as he has many times, or we're trying to find a defenseman, or whatever...it just changes the rants to "well then do it already" or you whine that he didn't spell out some foolproof plan in exacting detail. We're in transition, no matter what term anyone wants to use to describe it. No one has ever denied it or tried to hide it. Your mistake is in thinking that because this is where we are now, it's because we want to be here and we're going to stay here forever. Lower expectations now doesn't mean permanently lower. That's just you reading too much into things.
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    If he did that, he'd be a bad businessman. Part of his job is to sell. He's been doing that with the 260th or whatever sell out crowd in a row or whatever it was last home game. There is no "sentimental honesty" in the world of business. Some of you people are being so naive. We all know how it is, expecting him to say something to make our egos feel better aint happening. At the same time he's not bsing either. He's been blunt with the media and said it like it was at times. I'm actually surprised people here dont question the Illitches more. If anything they bear more responsibility than someone who simply works for them (Holland).
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    Stars, Kings and Bruins aren't who they once were. I bet we do better than you think we will.
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    Ducks L Kings without Quick they aren't as scary so maybe an OTL Sharks L Pens L Habs L Hawks L Stars W their defense sucks Bruins W they have trouble scoring and defense needs work So I guess around 5 plus an unexpected ot point here and there is realistic which obviously isn't enough to make up ground but it dramatically improves the chance to land one of Nolan, Liljegren or Foote and that's more important.
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    I believe it's always important to play to win to maintain that competitive culture. Culture and morale are often overlooked by fans. It's not worth getting that bad anymore to improve a few small percentage points in a lottery.
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    Next 8 games may crush this team.

    Was just looking at the upcoming schedule. Yikes! In order: Ducks, Kings, Sharks, Blackhawks, Stars-all on the road, then come home to play the Pens, Habs, and B's. Normally I would hope for 8 points out of those 8 games, but now...... I am thinking maybe 5....... Hopefully this ends our misery and gets Holland into sell mode for more picks/prospects.
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    That's just the start of it. As that Leaf team gets better and wins more, even the slightest achievements will be blown up like mad. Especially if they win a playoff round. It'll be like they just won the Cup. Leaf fans are the worst, and there's TONS around here. A guy I know burned his Leaf jersey when they lost that Game 7 to Boston a few years ago. Now he's probly got himself a brand new Matthews jersey and 5 others. Back on the bandwagon!
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    Conflict in the Crease

    How did he not treat him right? He started Mrazek in 9 of the first 12 games. His game then went to s*** and he has yet to play well enough to take the spot back.
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    Conflict in the Crease

    No need to get personal, comments like that just make you sound bad. I have given Blashill a hard time for a lot for alot of things, but his treatment of Mrazek is simply not something he has done wrong. I am a Mrazek fan, and I want to see Mrazek thrive, but when you play like s***, you are going to get benched. It sounds to me like some fans want Blashill to coddle him, simply keep playing him until he inevitably gets better (which may or may not happen). Young players need to be held accountable, if they are not that is how how end up with the Kovelev's and Radulov's of the world.
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    Hard to believe, but our combined record against the Ducks, Sharks, Kings, Stars, Blues, and Predators is 6-0 (this season). [Edit: Actually, 5-1. We lost to the Kings.] I feel like our old Western Conference rivals have a way of bringing out the best in the Wings. (See also: our dominant 2014-15 record against the Western Conference.) On the other side of the coin, I feel like pretty much the entire Eastern Conference has a way of bringing out the worst in the Wings. So, with all that being said, I'm optimistic about this upcoming western swing and totally dreading that Penguins-Canadiens-Bruins homestand.
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    Conflict in the Crease

    Seems like Petr's attitude isnt the best this year. Maybe a little sense of entitlement creeped into him. http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/2017/01/work_ethic_attitude_keys_to_ge.html#incart_river_index
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    Ooooof the Holland hate is gettin real on the 10th Holland thread. 2018 he'll retire (or get promoted) and we'll get Steve Yzerman don't worry. And Yzerman will come here to become the Wayne Gretzky of the Phoenix Coyotes. On a serious note, let's be real. Holland said "less can be more exciting" to be optimistic. What did people expect him to say? "Hey guys, lets be honest, we have some s***ty players and our best players either ran away to Russia or skates slower than my grandmother. We are totally screwed" No respectable man is going to come out to the media and fans and say "we're screwed"
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    Well obviously... I don't see anyone implying that.
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    The Toronto media is funny, they're making a big deal that the Leafs, "won the Centennial Classic", like it was a huge achievement or something, and it's going to be remembered for the next 100 years. The reality is, it was a home game in January.
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    let me guess how it ends... Keon Greyjoy gets his cut off and Ramsay Ilitch feeds it to the doges? should I start calling him Reek Holland?
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    Neither are the Wings....
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    I remember this well, his whole attitude, how he stutters and his "cap is coming, cap is coming" phrase made me laughed so hard I had to make a pic back then. Ho-ho-ho-hold your horses Ken Stark. Less hasn't been more exciting thus far, just ask Howard
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    I feel like Coreau played well all night. The final score doesn't tell the story of the game for me. As usual, defense left him out to dry all night. Too many defensive zone turnovers, too many odd-man rushes, and I think he handled them as well as could be expected. 4th start of his career, in that setting. Pretty impressive. The OT winner is really the only goal I put exclusively on him. This is probably slightly knee-jerk is, but the way Petr has played, Coreau is my starter going forward. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    If you don't think Mantha is worth being excited about you are going to be very hard to please.
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    Paul Woods tonight 12/29/16

    It could be argued that all three of those teams have a defenseman as good or better than Fowler. Not saying Mantha for Fowler would be a terrible move, but in general when rebuilding it's assets like Mantha that you want to keep.
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    Who Didn't Show Up?

    Absolutely THE best Detroit Red Wings team I've ever watched. They'd even take out the '02 team.
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    Who Didn't Show Up?

    Sandstrom is still feeling guilty about scoring 0 goals and 4 points during that playoff run, despite playing on the top line with Yzerman. Hodson contributed as much to the Wings in 1997 as I contributed to writing the Beatles "Sgt. Peppers". He'd have to be some kind of ahole to actually show up. I mean did Mike Knuble or Mark Major show up? Will Sean Avery show up when they honor the 2002 team?
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    The MANtha watch.....

    Lotta guys ahead of him. Laine almost certainly take the Calder
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